Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Will Gets The Grill // Coldplay Does It Again

Wow. My team never ceases to amaze me. For those of you who could care less about baseball, just skip to Coldplay.

While I had fully expected Randolph to have been let go after last season's, history-making collapse, I actually didn't that think it'd happen last night. At this point, what's that difference? True, he's made some bonehead moves, but haven't we all? And regarding his comments last month in which he raised the "racial" card against his employers, haven't we all quipped about our own management at one point or another? When things don't go your way, "Ya Gotta Vent", right? Unfortunately, the Mets brass did not feel that way. And instead of following their own, "Ya Gotta Believe" mantra, they flat out-fired Willie, in the middle of a road trip, and at 3:15am this morning (NY time). And all of this came on the heels of an improbable Mets victory in Anaheim last night.

To me, however, the timing of Wilpon & Co.'s decision to let Randolph go, was even more telling than the decision itself. It basically tells me that Mets front office have no clue what they're doing. And as for the leadership...yes.....perhaps they could've had a better manager. I don't think that it makes that much of a difference, though. The players make the difference, and a lot of them on this team are lazy and heartless. It was this lack of heart, I feel, that led to Willie's demise. These players are grown men, for Pete's sake! Don't they know how to fight for a win? What else did they need to get motivated? A baby-sitter? Electric-shock therapy? A latin salsa every Saturday Night at the PanAmerican Hotel on Queens Boulevard? Only of late, have these guys shown any desire to win. And they probably did it to save Willie, because Willie was probably easy on them.....Whatever......At least I won't have to have the same expectations of the Mets this year the way I did the last few years running.

This team is a mess right now, and their chance to catch the Phils are dwindling by the minute. As for Willie, I always thought (and still do) think he's a classy guy. I feel bad about his firing, and thank him for giving Mets fans a lot of great wins. After all, the Wilpons just fired the second-winningest manager in Mets history.....Nice going, front office......And Omar...You're lucky this time, because in my mind, it should've been you all along.....

The new Coldplay album is finally out....and in my Nano already. I think it's going to be a great album. And it's already a must listen. These guys just refuse to lose any creativity a/o hooks! And unlike the last few albums, where I had to listen to it a few times for it to grow on me, thes songs on this collection struck an immediate chord with my inner-chi. After only one listen, I already love "Lovers In Japan", "Viva La Vida", "Cemeteries of London", and "42" (which is coincidentally, my age). The best song, and by far is "Lost?" You will never get tired of it and you will be singing it very very loud, over and over and over and over again. Great job by Brian Eno (again). It seems that everything he engineers is a success. It even makes me regret all the more, that I lost out in the lottery for the June 26th concert at Madison Square Garden, as I really wanted to see them in concert.

UPDATE: Lost? is now the first song on this blog. Lyrics below. Also, (and this is for my Lil'Ms. Lisa out in Sunny Cali), I've got a remixed Pink song in there too. If you want to skip to it, just manage the little nano guy on the right.

Lyrics | Lost lyrics
Speaking of concerts, **duh**, Stevie Wonder is tomorrow night, not tonight! So it
looks like my group run for Wednesday's gonna be scrapped.

Less than 20 weeks to go for the New York City Marathon. Not quite yet pumped though. It feels more like a behemoth right now, lurking in the shadows in the distance......

Behemoth is me. I weigh 157 (disregard that artsy Blogrunner Waist Art on the side). Not entirely happy about this. Mas Salad....Mucho Mas Salad!


DGA said...

I would dismantle the entire team and use the $130 million budget to buy new sneakers for all Marathon runners in your group for life!

rundangerously said...


as a yankee fan i don't spend too much time following what the mets are up to. but when i heard what those cowardly - fill in your own expletive - in the front office did to willie, it was just plain inexcusable.

even the worst manager of all time deserves some respect. flying him across the country, just to fire him! telling him via press releas at 3:15 in the morning.

what kind of people are they??

DGA said...

They are....NEW YORKERS!