Monday, June 16, 2008

Blogstitution. Whoring My Blog.

This might just be a first.... Writing a blog, about writing a blog?

So, I decided to branch out a little today. Figured it was time to put on some baby shoes and take a world wide walk to see how to best promote this growth of cranial decay. If this doggerel nonsense isn't enough however, you might want to turn the speakers on too...I try to change the music as often as I can. Music requests are accepted and appreciated. For a few pennies, I might even sing and then upload it too....Errrr, scratch that idea.

There are almost as many bloggers who run as there are runners who blog. Now go and chew on that one for a while.....I tried. But had to spit it out. *Pi-too-eee! The disk drive above my eyes just produced a blue screen of death and has crashed.

*for those who require sound effect aids, or who are just plain immature like me.

Speaking of crashing, that storm that hit my neighborhood, Kew Gardens last Saturday was absolutely miserable.

Take a look:

My God! Was this because of the storm, or did my ex-wife Bronxilla,
pay Queens a visit and blow a fart?

Hang on.... Brain loose..... Must tighten screws.... Okay, better now. Where were we now?


So, I finally started to give a rats ass about this running blog, and perhaps now more people can suffer about my New York City races, the Ben Gay Heat Therapy pads, and a plethora of pictures (some compromising, others just down right wrong) taken at races, social events, pizza parlors, etc.

Yes folks. I have posted my blog, did the RSS and Atom feed thingy, subscribed to the "Complete Running Network", where my blog has been around the block more than one of Ex-Governor Spitzer's honeys, and decided to sign up for Map-My-Run to further tell people exactly where I am running to and where. However, your personal information will be kept confidential.

I am Blogrunner. I am male Blogwhore.

Last week was a crazy week. I did nearly 70 miles. Way too much of an increase over the week before. And thus:


I was actually going to say something intelligent for runners alike to read and learn, but what the fuck? All you runners out there, have thirty thousand links already about running, resting, consuming and screwing.

So, I signed up for MapMyRun. Yet another shameless promotion of a website that has gone way too freaking far. Just for the way it looks, it has to be the best out there for sure right now. I can even mark down the spots for toilets. Just toggle the markers below and see. What is that site, Map My Run or Map My Incontinence?!

Anyway, thumbs up to Map My Run.

Thumbs down unfortunately goes to the one in charge of putting the race stats online for the Quantum Feet Road Runners. I sent them an email denoting that they omitted one of our runners, Carol, from the results. I even sent them a picture of her crossing the finish line with the time clock above and sent them the email twice. Over a week later and nada, nothing, zilcho. Not even an acknowledgement. Boo! Hiss! UPDATE!!!--> It has been fixed. Thank you, Quantum!

Lastly (ahhh...'s almost over, my fellow readers), if you had your speakers on the whole time, you probably heard Darth Vader in the beginning. I am pleased to report that he is doing very well and is living in Tamarac, Florida. Haven't seen him in awhile. And I do miss my dad quite often. Although, I did have to chance today to call wake him up (at 3pm!) so that he could see the final holes of the US Open Golf Tournament......Wake him up from SLEEPING to watch GOLF.....Why even bother? Isn't that like one and the same? Hey Dad, wake up! You need to take a sleeping pill! You get the point.

Tomorrow I will do about 100 miles..... Driving........ You really didn't think that I was going to run 100 miles, did you? Oh yee sickie runners yee! Ultrabloggers, please abstain from answering. Merci Beaucoup.

No, tomorrow it's the typical 60 miles round trip to work....added with another 40 round trip to the Jones Beach Theatre for one super-spectacular performance by Mr. Fingertips himself, Stevie Wonder.

Oh and yes, there will be a report!


DGA said...

You crossed the line Luke! Too much use of The Force has lead you to insult Golf and all golfers. Nobody falls asleep watching the US Open and golf is not a sleeping sport/game/whatever. You should try playing in beautiful Kew Gardens where there is no crime and it is so quiet over there...Hahahaha!!!! What kind of lier wrote that article?

Laura said...

I really hope that wasn't your car in the pics!

Alex Gonzalez said...

Thankfully, no!!!