Sunday, June 29, 2008

4 Straight Weeks of Fifty Plus Miles!

Today's 6 mile run pushed me again over the 50 mile mark for the 4th straight week. My previous goal of 250 miles in a month could be surpassed on the last day of the month. While I normally advocate against logging miles for the sake of arithmetic, it is nonetheless comforting to know that I have remained relatively strong throughout this past month (sans minor calf discomfort last week).

Ran with the club today. The weather while still very balmy, was at least a bit cooler. We modified our run by going through Forest Hills Gardens again. Sondra and I were a little over 5 miles as we were nearing the clubhouse, so to make it an even 6, we finished up with 3 laps at Victory Field.

The Forest Park Road Runners Club had a tremendous turnout for today's meet. We may have easily had 40 people in the park today. So much so, that our meeting had to be held outside, because there just was not enough room in the clubhouse to fit everyone.

I wish I had brought the camera for a team picture. I did at least get some pictures of us during the meeting on the cellphone camera. The kids were with us today too. Stephanie ran/walked 3,017 steps (pedometer).

This week, will be a taper for me. My sister's flying in from Naples on Wednesday, and then I have the Fabulous Fourth Boardwalk Race at Long Beach this Friday. It's a 4 kilometer race, which means burn, burn, burn* the whole way. I last ran this race in 2005, where I had posted a total time of 18:45. The 7:49 pace was able to place me 20 out of 51, and 95th overall from a field of 351 participants. That was very fast, but I feel fairly confident I can do even better, weather permitting of course. I am much wiser 3 years later, and realize the need to protect myself a little better from the elements such as sun and wind.
*burn skin, burn calories, burn rubber

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Irish Cream said...

Wow, I'm impressed! That's some serious mileage!! Way to go! Keep up the good work, and good luck in the Boardwalk Race!!