Friday, May 2, 2008

Game On! Matthew's First Baseball Rookie League Game!

Friday, May 2, 2008. Matthew plays his first ever little league game. He's in the Rookie league, which is the first year of Little League.

With the threat of rain, I drove most of my 2 hours wondering if the game would be postponed.
It was not, but it was pretty cold and raw outside.

In a rookie league game (at least this first game), there are no strikeouts. Everyone stays at the plate until they get a hit. Also, if there are any foul balls that are close to being fair, then they are fair (ie. ball hit down first base line, like Matt hit).

Obiviously, Matthew went 2 for 2. But he scored twice. Even better, his second hit was a bases-loaded clearing triple! He also scored twice. His coach, John, and his coaches have done a great job thus far in getting all these kids to hit the ball. The girls hit the ball hard, and made me a believer of them as well.

When it was all over, Matt's team was definitely the better of the two teams. Most importantly, my son had a great time. As for me, it was probably the best 40 dollars and 3 hours commuting I've ever invested. I'll be modifying this post to include videos from YouTube, but for now, here are several stills. Enjoy and Play Ball!!!

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DGA said...

Let's hear it for Matthew! It's wonderful that he is not only playing baseball but he is enjoying it! We would have loved to be there to watch! After he finished and you had him talk to me on your cell, this is what he said to me:
Hi Granpa! We won! It's been a long day. Bye." That was all. He was so excited and tired that he could not say anything else. I cracked up!