Friday, May 2, 2008

A Kamikaze by Gebrselassie!


Gebrselassie - What's With That Guy? We're starting to get tired of the battle between the Ethiopian Athletics Federation and Haile Gebrselassie. The Ethiopian Federation says that Gebrsellasie must run the Olympics Marathon for his country. Geb says he will not - legitimately citing concern about the pollution and its health-effects - but Geb says he will run the 10,000M in the Olympics. The Federation, who chooses who may be on the team, says that if Geb won't be running the Olympics Marathon, he won't be running anything at the Olympics... Wow. Now Geb has come out himself saying that he won't run anything at the Olympics because he will try to break his own world record at Berlin. As far as we're concerned, to make it to the Olympic Marathon (and especially if coupled with a Gold Medal) is the greatest honor in the world - and for the world-record holder to forgo that opportunity is heresy. Some say that Geb is only good when running a paced time trial - we'd like him to prove those naysayers wrong at the Olympics!

Okay. That paragraph came pre-written courtesy of . Now here's my take on it. Gebreselassie can do anything he wants. It's his choice. His free will (though 99.98% of Ethiopians don't know what the definition of free will even is, unfortunately). If he wants to go on the speedy flat roads of Berlin, by all means, Lufthansa is waiting. However, for snubbing the ultimate marathon race (even better than Boston or New York), then that might change my viewpoint of him.

This is what I think of him if he listens to his government and runs both Olympic Marathon:

And here's what I will be thinking of him, if he decides to cower from a little pollution:

Gebrselassie or Gerbil? Legendary runner or Long-time Richard Gere rectorial pet?

The choice is clear! Run! 'Selassie'! Run! We want to see you run....and get beat by.....

Ryan Hall.



Hey! I run through New York everyday. It's not always pretty either. Plenty of pollution on 'dem roads, but I still do it (shit....maybe that's why I can't break 4 hours?)...*cough*cough*

Oh, allright. I'm just acting crazy (what else is new?). Gebrselassie is an outstanding person. He's got a great sense of humor. He was a rock star at post party in Battery Park last year. That's when Gebrselassie and I competed at the same race last year (NYC Half Marathon by Nike). Also, Ryan Hall and I competed in the The Great Cow Harbor Run of Northport (2006). Both times, the race was real close between me and these 'mortals'. Real close, that is, if we are talking about getting apples and bagels at the food table after the run. Outside of that, they were breaking the finish line tape, while I was still asleep. Ho Hum.

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