Sunday, March 16, 2008

My first meeting..

This morning I attended my first meeting held by the Forest Park Road Runners Club. Between the runs and the meets, it's all helping me to be more of a morning person.LOL!

Anyway, the meeting went great, as Jack spoke about the club, the new club team rule changes that the NYRRs have done this year, and our participation in this year's highly awaited Forest Park 4 Mile race, which will be held on May 18th this year. Not because I'm a member or anything, but it's a great race. It's one of the only races in New York City that combines all ground surfaces (asphalt, track, trail, etc). About the only negative of being in the club, is that I will probably be helping out instead of actually running the course. If anyone reading this lives in the area and is interested, just send me a comment with your email, and I'll be happy to forward you this information. This year should be the best race yet!

I met a lot of new people today at the meeting which took place in the clubhouse just outside of Victory field. They brought bagels, spreads, coffee and juice. Everyone seems real nice and I think this club will be a great fit to my normal running regimen. I also met the lady in charge of recording our results. LOL. She mentioned she was happy to finally meet me. Apparently, I had advised New York Road Runners that I was in the been in the FPRR since January, and ran several races, but only recently did I realize, "Hey, where's the runs, where's the newsletter, etc etc?" Apparently, my check never got sent as I found it scattered among my other stuff a few weeks ago. Well, I'm in the club now, and I'm really looking forward to run well on behalf of them now as well as myself.

We also talked about a group outing for the upcoming Fred Lebow movie that's going to play at the Tribeca Film Festival. Later on in the meeting, they raffled off unopened bottles from the club party they held a month ago....and I won a bottle! Another new member, Brenda, had also won a bottle too. I actually ran with them today, and they are pretty good runners! Bonnie had brought in shirts and headbands and I bought one.

As for my run, I could have ran the 6 mile course, but opted for the smaller 4 miler instead. My shin is still in pain, so I've been icing it. I'm going to call Dr. Parisi in the morning and have it checked out.

As for running the Long Island Marathon, I don't feel ready. Also, the Brooklyn Half Marathon, the week earlier, is a club points race. So, I may change my marathon into a half, and add the Brooklyn the week before.


DebbieJRT said...

Hey Alex,
I would appreciate it if you could send me the info on the FPRR race - I could post it on the Alley Pond website for our runners.
As for your running plans, I'm not sure if you are aware, but the Brooklyn half has been postponed to an unknown date. It was on the NYRR website for about a millisecond, so our club prez called and confirmed. Also the Queens half has been cancelled. I'm not sure what is going on over at NYRR :-}

Alex Gonzalez said...

Hi Debbie,

Cool! Here is the link..
The Forest Park Classic - 2008

Is your team sure that the Brooklyn Half has been cancelled? I just took a look on the NYRR website, and they still have it there (Apr 26)?

Alex Gonzalez said...

Yep. You were right on target. It's been moved to May 3rd. Well, that blows! I'm already signed up for the Long Island Half on the 4th!