Sunday, March 16, 2008

Diet....Round 3

How pathetic, right? Already my third attempt and we're only in March? However, I'd like to look at it from the angle that I won't quit until I get what I want.....even if I continue to screw up along the way....

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. Holidays for me (like I'm sure it is for most of you) are difficult. Yes, I will be having corned beef and potatoes. That's the bi-product of having a GF who is all-to-eager to cook. And she's one helluva cook too. It's like a ying-yang. On one hand, I should curse her prowess in the kitchen, and yet on the other, I'm thinking of building an effigy of her to worship when it comes to food.



I must buy foods that are consistent with health.

Eating pizza once a week as a reward for my training is good. Three times a week is not good.
Having a nutritious snack is good. Snickers Bars? Ugh.
Eating 5 times a day is better than 3 times a day....Provided I'm not socking down 600 calories per sitting.

I recently read the April '08 issue of Runner's World and saw a pretty compelling formula for weight reduction that I might use. I already know how many calories I should be consuming
per day (and how I've been breaking that rule, ugh), but here's another way of calcluating it.

[1] Multiply your goal weight by 10.
I am 162 pounds right now. So, 1620.

[2] Add 20 percent of that number if you sit at a desk all day; 50 percent if you're moderately active; or 70 percent if you're moving all day.
I am a voice systems engineer. Computer jockey, in other words. Looks like 20 percent for me.
That makes it 1944.

[3] Add the number of calories burned during your workouts.
And for that see this table below:

In my case, my training average is usually around 9 min per mile avg, and nearly an hour average, so let's go with 700 calories. That makes my new total 2644.

[4] Reduce the total by 15 percent.
That makes my final total 2247.

Interesting. In my club my total calories was much less. I think it was about 1900 or so calories that I could consume per day.

I am currently 162 pounds. I would like to go down to 150 pounds. Can I do this? Should I do this? I happen to be about 5'7" in height, so one might say that I'm not obese. However, my stomach has always been my problem. I have a belly. It's not tremendous, but it's there. AMA states that at my height a male should weigh no more than 160.

My problem has always been that when I reduce in weight that I increase a tendency to be injured or feel listless. I think it might be because I'm probably reducing the amount of nutrients that I still need, when I reduce my caloric intake. Also, and recently, I've noticed a great, positiveresponse to my body taking on high doses of protein (combined with some carbs) within an hour of my workout. So, I am thinking that perhaps, when I reduce calories, I am also reducing protein intake as well, which is not a good thing to my body's ability to repair, especially after a strenous workout. In the past, my primary (natural) sources of protein usually involve meats. Meats are not necessarily high in calories, but sometimes they can be high in cholesterol. Recently, I had my blood checked and my numbers came back borderline high. The count was 213 overall , however my doc told me not to worry too much because my HDL portion of that was 48, which is good.

So where the hell am I going with all this?

Diets are a pain in the ass. That's where I am going with all this. Diets are a pain in the ass because it requires a constant monitor of this or that or the other. It's almost as much a drain on my brain as it is in my stomach. So the question much do I really want this?

One way to keep a track of all of this is to revisit . This website is unsurpassed for keeping a track of not only calories, but all other items as well (carbs, protein, etc) and best of all its FREE.

The latest tally:

I've also exercised off 700 calories today as well. So, if you add that to my net target of 1946, that's 2646, and I've eaten only 2306. Net loss=340 calories.

3500 calories = 1 pound of weight. In order to lose 2 pounds this week (starting tomorrow), I will need to eat 7000 calories less than my target. My target (without exercise) in one week is 13,622 calories. That means I would only be able to eat about 946 calories per day. Ugh. However, if I can exercise off 700 calories a day, then I can go up to 1646 calories per day. It's still a lot less than what I am use to, but I think it is doable.

Doable after tomorrow St. Patty's day event, that is.....


DGA said...

Hey great picture of NY!

I have a better way to calculate your optimum calory intake:

Weigh yourself in the morning, after a shower and after you fully dress with running shoes on.

Multiply by 20. Now you have the number of basic calories you start this formula from.
Add 300 calories for every time you had sex during a week. For example: 3 "koochy Koochies" = 900 calories.

You are probsbly now up to 4,100 calories or so.

Add 100 calories for every time you get up late for work during the week.

Add or deduct 100 calories, whether you go to the bathroom every morning or are constipated, respectively.

Add 300 calories a day if you go the gym daily. Deduct 200 calories if you miss a gym day from your routine.

Add 200 calories if you had an unpleasant conversation with your ex-wife. Deduct 100 if you told her off.

And finally...add 150 calories for every stupid commercial you see/hear on tv. Deduct 200 for a smart, honest one.

If your final number is 6,000 calories or more I strongly suggest you go on a diet SOON!

If it ends up below 1,500. give it up. There was only one Mahatma Ghandi. STUFF YOURSELF WITH PIZZA! said...

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