Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hamstrings & Heartstrings

Today my workout at the gym was done very cautiously. My right hamstring is sore and I don't want to take any chances. I did arm curls in the morning, and abs and torso at the gym in the PM.

I just learned of a new project I was given. It's in Colorado. Very aggressive timeframe. Everyone in the group is given until the end of February (for now), however it does not look like I will be needing to fly out (for now).

In the meantime, I went and saw two DVD's tonight. And without further adieu here's a snipet of each, and a review to boot:

We Own The Night (2007)
Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes, Robert Duvall.
Okay, let me begin by saying that once I looked at the box and saw Joaquin on the cover, my first reaction was, "It sucks to be you". I mean, really, like he does a movie where he plays Johnny Cash, the movie is called "Walk The Line", and it's all about Cash's life, and who wins the award for best acting in that movie.....Reese Witherspoon?
Anyway, the movie starts off with the mandatory "Eva Mendes Playing Showing Her Nipple" scene. And why is it always the right one? Is there something fucked up with her left one?
Anyway, Joaquin plays a night club owner who doesn't have a great relationship with his brother, Marky Mark and his own funky funk self, who is a policeman, nor his father, Robert Duvall, chief of police. Man is Robert Duvall old! I've seen less lines on a street map from a GPS than I did on his face. Great actor, but sometimes in this movie, it looked like he was a corpse that escaped from "the bodies: an exhibit". The movie starts off a bit slow, but it picks up .... well somewhat. Car chase was original. Russian mafia & drugs was not. Also, what up with the constant Debbie Harry music? The movie was supposed to take place in 1988 not 1980. Perhaps the most annoying part of the film was Joaquin Phoenix and his watery eyeballs. I felt like I had to endure 6 hours of watching his fake tears. Go back to Folsom County Prison, I say!
As a fellow New Yorker, I loved that it was filmed here, and loved all the references to NY (Jamaica Hospital, Elmhurst Hospital, Floyd Bennet Field, Brooklyn, Queens). Hell, even Ed Koch had a cameo as a skinny turkey. LOL. Just kidding, Ed. The best however had to be the whole scene that involved the "Cue" Motor Inn. I happen to be fairly close to that joint. I could not believe how it was actually referred so often in the movie. Way to go, KEW MOTOR INN! Anyway, the ending was just ok.
RATING: 5 out of 10 GONZOS

Away From Her (2007)
Julie Christie, Gordon Pinsent, Olympia Dukakis
"Sometimes you have to let go of what you can't live without."
Boy, is that true or what?
This was a slow, but very heartfelt movie about a man's love for a woman he's been married to for 44 years, and his ordeal in coping with her gradual but noticeable bouts with Alzheimer's. This was deeply moving to me, since my girlfriend's dad had died from the dreaded disease a few years ago. They played a song I particularly have loved from Neil Young, Harvest Moon. Julie Christie acted very well, but I still think the young girl from Juno is the better (with Jodie Foster as the 'dark horse' candidate for 'The Brave One'). Of course, I have not seen La Vie En Rose yet, and everyone's telling me (all the little people in my brain, that that Marion Cotillard starred in. It's not available on DVD yet, but I hope it is prior to the Oscars, so that I can make the correct comparison.
This movie is much more complicated than just Pinsent dealing with a spouse suffering from this disease. But I can't give anything away. You have to rent it for yourself and watch. Do not be expecting explosions, or non-stop cursing, or a lot of sexual activity. Instead, expect good dialogue, great closeups, and the feeling of dread in your own self, because when you see this you will immediately think about your own mortality and of those around you. Let's face it my peeps, getting old sucks bronx rat ass. And if you saw the rat that I did during mile 5 of my race a couple of days ago, you would concur with me that that's a pretty narly comparison. Kitty Dukakis was in the movie too. Hold. Did I just say Kitty? That's Michael's wife who I think the media made her to be a fool some 20 years ago, when she apparently could not handle the stress of having her spouse run up against Bush Sr, and was rushed to the hospital for downing a whole bottle of rubbing alcohol. DO YOU SEE THE SHIT THAT GETS STUCK IN MY HEAD? LOL.
Anyway, I meant to say that Summer Olympia Sized Swimming Pool Dukakis was in the movie. And let me tell you, she was greek... I meant great! She was great!
This movie is not extroadinary, so a 9 or 10 is definitely out of the question. Also, I can think of a lot of "8"s and this one does not make the grade. I'll probably forget about this flick in about 5 years, but due to its important nature, and the uniqueness of the film compared to what has been made available in the past regarding this horrible affliction, I will give this a 7, and call it an evening.
RATING: 7 out of 10 GONZOS.

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