Sunday, February 10, 2008

Diet, Pt. 2

The body is a temple. Or is it? I don't know. I don't visit church that often. Perhaps I should.
However, the body should be a sacred gift to behold and not abuse.

See this body? ->
I need to get in shape.
I need to lose weight!
I need to stretch more.
I need to sleep more.
I need to cross train more.
More. More. And More.
Oh, almost forgot.....
I need to stop eating
so much fucking pizza!
I feel better now.
Tomorrow is Phase 2.
Another chance at reconcilliation with my body.
Another chance to go from 162 to 152.
Another chance to improve my times.


Hamster said...

In my opinion the secret to losing weight is to exercise. People who subject themselves to dieting ofthen lose weight at first...but put it all back on later. Here's a good video to explain it all.
You just can't cut out eating and expect to keep weight off. You need to turn fat into muscle.
That's my view , at least.

DGA said...

I think that Hamster is wrong. he is only saying that because he somehow knows you like to eat roasted hamsters.

What you should do is get some more sex with a human being. Fucking Pizza is not going to do it, plus you get all messed up with that cheese. Yuck!

Alex Gonzalez said...

Hey Hamster, that video was interesting. Yes, I have always known that a combination between the two is vital. I just started the next phase of my training which includes muscle building. That's a good thing!
Thanks for your ideas!