Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not sure how much more my legs can take...

Tomorrow is definitely going to be a rest day (at least it feels that way for now).
I did two workouts today. I was going to do 2 5ks, But I was feeling so good during my first, that I upped it to 10k. Then, and on the second workout, I had no intention on going more than 5k. Again, though I wasn't feeling too bad (probably because I never upped my treadmill to more than 6mph). By the time I was done, I was truly DONE.

I nearly felt like sleeping in the car. That is a BIG NO-NO. Of course, I am now at home, and barely able to move around. The only thing that keeps me awake is the smell of chicken cutlet and french fries in the distance. Yah, I know. Not the healthiest food choice. I had called Ileana while I was at the gym, craving for it. I hadn't had this in over a year.

The more you read my blog the more you will see that the more I do for my health in running, the more I seem to take back in eating. Somehow though, I feel that if I don't eat enough, I will get injured. Truth is, I could be eating a lot healthier, and of course, that is probably my biggest marathon challenge of them all....To lose weight.

I'm not fat, but at 161 pounds for a 5'7.5" inch frame, I am not what you call your typical runner!

Anyway, I obliterated my single week record with 69 miles (see above). My leg muscles look like they are going to explode through my skin (eeeeooooohhhh!). Tomorrow will most likely be a welcomed day of rest....or ......... not???????

PS..... 83.3 miles to go to FULFILL MY GOAL OBJECTIVE in the 1500 MILE CLUB! YES!!!!!

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