Friday, November 2, 2007

Marathon Expo 2007

So after sleeping 12 hours, and having an English Muffin for breakfast, and a slice of pizza at Dani's, I went to meet Ileana at the 33rd Street 7-train subway station in Long Island City.
We both were going to the Marathon Expo at the Javitz center in NYC.

The expo as always is a great way to pump someone up (not that it was needed!). We sampled
all kinds of stuff including High Power Drink mixes, Gatorade, and Snickers Marathon Bars.

There was even a Master Chef from the restaurant, Eleven Madison Avenue, on hand performing a cooking demo. I had tuna and sea bass samples. Pretty good.

Although, it was a lot of fun, I did detect several missing things from this year that were present from last year. For starters, there were several merchants missing, and while I can attribute that to the probably rising costs to rent space at the Javits, I also noticed that even the major
sponsor, ING, seemed to be giving out less this year than last. Gone, were the big white oaktage signs that they were giving away from free. No posters of the Marathon and no cheering sticks either. Again , none of this is really pertinent. It's just an observation.

What a poser!!!!

We stayed for about an hour or so, and took the shuttle bus outside to Grand Central. Inside, we went to the Super Runner's shop where I purchased a top. We almost went to the Oyster Bar for a couple of drinks, but I had wanted to see the new Denzel movie, American Gangster, so we continued onward, back to Ileana's office across the river in LIC, Queens, where her car was parked and went to see the movie. It was fairly good. I'd give it about a 6 or 7 out of 10.

I can't believe it. Nearly a year's worth of training.

It's almost here!!!!

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