Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fifty Sense!

After not having had a 40+ mile week since the beginning of September, I busted the fifty mile mark for just the third time in my life today.

I was going to do some Christmas shopping today with the kids, but figured I'd instead try and give back some of that 17 pound turkey I partook in over the past few days. I have to admit...I am a bit alarmed. I weighed in at 162.2 today and this is after having run another 10+ miles yesterday. Either my body is becoming tremendously efficient at not having to burn calories during a workout, or I am just having too much pie with the cherry pie and ice cream that was left over from the holidays too.

After dropping the kids at the childcare center of LA Fitness, I proceeded with my assault of my mileage this week by pounding in another 12 miles. I hate that treadmills stop after an hour, because I actually have to reset and start again, and the last thing I need is to slow down when I'm halfway. I felt I did a nice performance, even though I wasn't looking to break any kind of speed records. LOL.

I still have one more day left in me for the week. Whether or not I try to go and push the envelope further will all depend on whether or not I get a good night's rest and if I am in the mood to go for it again tomorrow. Time will tell....

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