Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weather is shaping up.

Today was a busy one at the office. It's only 9:30pm and I feel exhausted. I had wanted to work out during lunch, but there was too much going on, and in good conscience, I knew that if I had taken the whole hour, I would have been even further behind than I wanted to be. I know I am entitled to an hour like everybody else, but I have to admit that I do love what I do for a living.

Weather.com is now reporting that the Marathon sunday will be cloudy and between 44 and 55. This is great!

I saw a great special on PBS tonight about Marathon Running. It even had Ileana interested in running. I keep telling her to do it, even though she feels the diabetes is a major hindrance. I told her that there are scores of people who run with even type 1-diabetes. They are just careful and monitor themselves constantly.

I really do think she could be a great runner. She has the body for it. I told her tonight that with the right training she could definitely be better than me. As I have seen, the "tiny" framed women usually steal the show at these long-distanced runs.

Well that's about it. I'm uploading a song or two, and heading off for bed. I definitely need to start getting a lot of sleep now.


Derek said...

Best of luck in NY this weekend. Looks as though you will have some great weather.

Will you get a chance to catch any of the Olympic trials on Sat?

Alex Gonzalez said...

Thanks Derek. I need all the help I can, so I'm somewhat relieved that the weather is going to comply.

I definitely plan to watch on Saturday. I'm going to try and rest and do nothing the day before, but you know now how that goes!!

DGA said...

Run the best race of your life till next year, when you will better it. GREAT PICTURE!