Thursday, July 12, 2007

Spring Training: The "Base" Week

This has been my "base" week of training for the 2007 New York City Marathon.

In reality, my "base" began in January of this year. It is highly recommended to a establish a solid fitness base, consisting of running at least three times a week or more for at least six to twelve months to allow my body time to adjust to running before increasing the work to marathon proportions. Building to at least 15 to 20 miles a week for a month or two prior to starting a marathon build-up program is highly recommended. Although I had not run in over two weeks, I had been averaging nearly 30 miles a week for a couple of months prior to that. So I should be in good shape.

Below is my training schedule I put together for myself which consists of the following basic requirements .

1.Long Run Base
I made sure to establish a long-run base of at least one-third of my peak goal of 18 to 20 miles. According to the various experts in the field that I've been reading, if I can run a 10k, then I should be able to add 20 miles to that distance by November 4th if I train properly.

2.Run a few long distance races(but not too many)
If work does not get in the way, I have planned to do one 3.5 mile race, and three half-marathons before the race. The short race is just because it's a race that my job is participating in, else, I would have committed to only long races.

3.Proper Time & Emotional Investment.
Make sure I give the necessary time and energy that my marathon training requires.
Do not allow for hom or office stress to overburden me, as it can be an energy-sapping factor that will affect my performance. In other words, try to maintain
a balanced life, and everything should fall into place.

4.40 Mile Peak.
I will build to a 40 mile peak and repeat it, with a regressive mileage week in between.

One thing I need to use less of is my stomach however. This morning, I weighed in at a hefty 162.6. No doubt the product of several weeks of minimal physical activity which basically consisted of lifting my left arm to shovel as much food as I could into my mouth. I'm no Kobiyashi (two time Nathan's Hot Dog eating champ), but I can really pound away the meals.

I must get 56 hours of sleep per week. That's 8 hours a day. In the past, I have failed miserably in this category. Even as weak as I've been with food, I have been able to put on
consecutive weeks of conscientious effort. Rest? Fuggedaboudit!

I've done a little bit better this year, but truth is, I'm still not where I want to be. I've never been a very flexible fella. Nevertheless, if only to warm up the muscles, I do need to stretch more.

This is a weird item to talk about. First, is this even a word?
I brought this up because all too often I hear a good song, or think of an event, or see someone running ahead, and I get this explosive burst of energy to bust out and sprint. STOP!!!!!
This is probably the best way that I hurt myself and I need to chill out. The only time I should
be doing speedwork then, is when I have it scheduled to a limited time, like on an oval.

9.Buff up everywhere and not just the legs
Lift weights, do ab crunches, torso rotations, etc. The goal is not to make me
into a great runner, but to really achieve a great physique (even though with me that could be a toughie!). Upper body and torso workouts will connect my lower muscle mass to my upper mass, making my body one whole fighting machine.

10.Cross Aerobic Training
Minimize the wear and tear on my body by replacing up to 20 percent of my mileage with nonimpact aerobic exercise. Swimming, Elliptical, Biking and Rowing. These are my four protectors of my shins and calves. Although, I've been reading that
an increase in mileage is actually more beneficial to runners than alternative aerobics, these exercises are good for the day in which I feel borderline exhausted or feel like I could possibly hurt myself (oh no) yet again.

Here is my 16-week New York City Marathon Training Schedule (this week is "base" week)that I have assembled for myself:

(note:One day I will learn to use tables efficiently to the point that I will know how to remove all this dead space between here and my table below!

BaseOff34 (modified fartlek)4Off6320
1Off34 (2-mile tempo run)4Off8322
2Off44 (3-4 xlong-hill repeats)4Off10325
3Off35 (2-4 x mile, 5k-10k pace)3Off13327
4Off65 (3-4 xlong-hill repeats)4438 (race 10k)30
5Off45 (fartlek)5Off15332
6Off65 (4-6x mile,5k-10k pace)6Off12635
7Off55 (2-3 x mile,5k-fast pace)44Off18335
8Off66 (tempo intrvls,2x 1.5mls)64Off13 (race half-marathon)35
10Off65 (1-2 x mile, 5k-10k pace)5536 (race 10k)30
11Off66 (4-mile tempo run,1/2 marathon pace)5Off20340
12Off66 (tempo intrvls, 2 x 2 mls)64Off13 (race half-marathon)35
14Off66 (3-4 x half-mile,fast pace)66Off8 (race 10k)32
15Off55 (2-3 x mile,5k-fast pace)4Off8325
16Off44 (3 miles at marathon pace)3Off226 (NYC Marathon)39

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