Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Runner Stumbled.

How else can I describe what happened?

The slightest twinge in my upper left tibia (a few inches south of my knee) got more and more pronounced. It wasn't the kind of pain that one would have gnawed their teeth with, but it was
an obvious discomfort that kept increasing. I did not want a repeat of 2005, so I basically walked away from running for almost 3 weeks.

I started running again this morning. Ahem. I mean jogging. If I ever feel comfortable training again at sub 9 minute miles, well, then it will be "running".

Today's run was a complete success. Only the fear of pain was all I felt as I did a nice 10 minute mile pace a bright, sunny, cool and dry day.

My 16-week training program begins next Monday. But this week is "Base" week. I am really looking forward to it. I remembered saying earlier this year that I was not going to do any program. You know, complete anarchy. Well, I think I am going to need to use my head as much as I use my legs, if I want to perform well in this years' marathon.

Yesterday, I celebrated my 42nd birthday. God bless.

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