Sunday, July 29, 2007

NYC Marathon Training: Week 2 Summary / Week 3 Schedule

Week Two Completed

25 miles
Actual: 27.4 miles

High: 162.4
Low: 156.8

Scheduled: 56 hours
Actual: 54 hours

Unlike last week, this week was eventful. Many new runs, especially the World Trade Center run, caused stress and distraction from the overall goal. Weight-wise, I was all over the map this week. I weighed in at 157.6 this morning, the lowest of any day this week, but I've also been really slashing the calories. I joined the "Jiggly Joggers" group on RunningAhead.Com and
I also signed up for 6 months on to keep a close eye on my future meals. I did hill work, I did a long run, and I ran in the rain. All good stuff.

Perhaps the most encouraging sign of all was that despite all the struggles, not one of them dealt with my previous injuries. I wanted to run an extra 10 miles here and there, but I refrained, and am glad that I did.

Here's a look ahead for the coming week:

Week 3 Schedule:

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