Sunday, July 29, 2007

Inaugural Training Run: Forest Hills Gardens 5K

Course: Forest Hills Gardens 5K
Towns: Forest Hills, NY
Distance: 3.11 Miles
Date: Sunday, July 29, 2007
Time: 1:30 PM
Weather: 82%, 100% Humidity,
Rain & Thunderstorms
Course Path: (see map, left)
Elevations: (see graph, left)

Well, I finally got my wish. It rained like heck today. And I ran like heck too.

I didn't bring my Blackberry, so any pictures I have below aren't mine (except for me), but today's scenery was great. Even with the rain, it was an incredible contrast to yesterday.

Forest Hills Gardens, is one of the most exclusive communities in Queens. If you can get
past all of the posted "Private Streets"signposts warning of a $125 penalty and of getting a boot on your car if you not a resident, then you are in for a eye-candy laden treat.

Million-dollar homes, wonderful landscaping, and streets filled with beautiful large trees dominating the streets (nothing like the truck depots of yesterday) all added up to a good karmic experience.

As for my run, I can't seem to put my finger on it. I've slept 55 hours this week, just 1 under the desired 8 hrs. per night. Yet, I felt exhausted even before I began. It has to be this diet, that I just started. It's tough to lose weight, while increasing your mileage. Plus, I'm also trying very hard to listen to my body, to not re-injure myself, and all the while, prep for 2 races coming up this week. I'm definitely hungry to compete, but I think I just need to rest better, I don't know.

The run took me through all of Forest Hills Gardens with a wraparound the West Side Tennis Club. Prior to 1980, this was the perennial home to the US Open. When I was growing up in Forest Hills (1976-1979), I remembered how crowded it would get in August because of the event. I even saw Dick Van Patten (from the then popular TV show, "Eight Is Enough"), crossing Continental Avenue, near the entrance to the Subway!!!

Below are a bunch of photos, that I found on the internet to show you what Forest Hills Gardens is. Even with the pouring rain, it was still beautiful. I will be doing this route again, and this is why I gave it my "Speedy" star rating on the map above.

Coming back, I was feeling a bit weak. Having eaten only about 400 calories in the day, I felt it was time to breakdown a little. So I had ONE slice of pizza, and a diet coke at Dani's.

Here I am all drenched (and tired):
Photos of Forest Hills Gardens (as promised):

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DGA said...

Hey! You look like shit! Don't take pictures right after running!

OK, I grant you that, Forest Hills may be an exception to shity NY....however....if you don't belong you are not wanted there...NY!!!!!!