Sunday, May 6, 2007

Six Months To Go. My Countdown Has Begun.

In six months, I will be running the New York City Marathon.
It will the the sixth time I run it.

My training program will consist of whatever feels right at that particular moment.
I don't have any set plans as to how many miles per week to run, and no particular rules other than I will try to do at least 1 long run every week.

My Ten Commandments of Running:
1. I will not force myself to run more than I need to.
2. I will not eat Mexican food the night before a race.
3. I must load up on potassium for two nights straight before a long run.
4. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.
5. Pay close attention to the weather.
6. Pay close attention to the shoes I am wearing (at work especially)
7. Believe In Yourself (Bud Harrelson told me this when I was 9)
8. No alcohol the night before a race.
10. Always be thankful. Take nothing for granted.
These commandments may and will probably change.

Most importantly, all of the training that I have done, and have done better this year, can be attributed to 3 big things. The 1st is that I am listening to my body now. If I am tired, I don't run. If I think I cannot race, I wont (even today- I ran at the end - but it was after I FELT that I could do it)
Secondly, would have to be my girlfriend Ileana. She has been very supportive. I, for example, wouldn't even be able to go in half the races I am in, if she weren't there to watch the kids. Even when we don't have the children, having her wake up with me at 5am sometimes, to go with me and root me on, is really something special. I talked about her earlier on in my earlier blogs, but I really must stress how she has been there for me and my running. If I do better in this year's Marathon (which I will!), a large reason for it will be her.
Thirdly, I am more excited about my running this year than any other year. Running to me is an incredible hobby to have. It's healthy, fun, and a great way to do something for free (well not exactly, those sneakers and clothing are not exactly free!)

My next race is in 2 weeks. It's the Forest Park 4 miler. It will be the first time where I run on a trail since running in Van Cortlandt Park when I was 13 years old and in my first few months at St. Francis Prep.

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Anonymous said...

I read your previous story about my first and last Marathon. You forgot to mention I had the honor of being the only one in the race who quit. Everybody else finished the race! So there, I have a record of my own, which will never be broken.Beat that!
As far as Mexican beans I now, living in Florida, prefer Cuban black beans, but never before my golf round (this is my only sport now). The wool cap? It was freezing at the time I signed up! I never had a chance to remove it 'cause my hands were to tired to bring them up to my head!