Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ouch! Sweat Burns!


I had a business trip today to visit a telecom lab for Avaya in New Jersey today (yep, i'm a geek). And traffic on the way back was a nightmare. Originally, I had thought I'd be back home by about 5pm, but as it turned out, I didn't get back until 7.

Between the New Jersey, Staten Island, the Belt Parkway, the Belt Parkway, the Belt Parkway (notice I keep repeating that)......THE BELT PARKWAY!!! TRAFFIC THERE IS HORRIBLE!!!

I was determined to run tonight, because I didn't yesterday, so I quickly changed and started an 8 mile run through Forest Park, with an extra 4 laps worth of ovals in Victory Field.

It was humid tonight, and I sweated like a pig headed for an umu pit in Hawaii. I counted on that however, because I'm back up to 157. Unfortunately, I like many others, have the same problem.....I love to eat. And if I don't run, my scale starts yelling at me.

What I didn't count on however was the sweat rolling into my eyes. I didn't think much of it at first. But damn! It burned like a mother!! My pH levels must have been off the scale tonight!

I didn't eat dinner tonight. Rather I opened up a container of Diamond Shelled Walnuts, and mmmmm... I must have eaten a good 800 calories worth of walnuts...Oh well...UGH!

Anyway, I plan to get up early tomorrow, and get back on my morning schedule.


Anonymous said...

The more nuts you eat, the nuttier you get. By the way...I noticed the Broklyn sign. Nothing changes in NY....that is why....I LOVE NY.

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION: Brooklyn. I hate my PC. It is a Gateway. The worst computer ever made. Never buy a Gateway!!!!!

Derek said...

It's quite a coincidence we both work in the same field. I work for VoiceRite ( as the Chief Architect.