Friday, May 25, 2007

Weather: Hot N' Steamy

No, this is not the title of some taboo publication, or of a new sandwich at McDonald's either (cause then it would be Hot N' McSteamy). It was the weather today. It was a suffering, sweltering, sticky slithering and salacious 90 degrees outside. One of those days were the body would sweat upon itself as a pre-cursory substitute ingredient for cooking oil.

With our boss letting us go early for the holidays today, I figured to make my way immediately to the park and get some miles in before having to get the kids. I loaded some music on the iPod and "Seal"ed the deal (click on pink play circle below to listen to either of the two tracks below - note I've found that I have to click once, wait a second or two, and then click again. odd.), and started my voyage.

Seal - Waiting For You ( Thick D. Remix )

Seal - Killer ( Paul Rauhofer Remix Part 2 )

Only the complete shade of the trees helped. It was a hot one!

A little over seven miles in a little over an hour figures about the right tune up 2 days before my race on Long Beach on Sunday of which nearly 3 miles of it will be across the entire expanse of the ocean village's boardwalk. Looking forward to it, but as in year's past, it looks to be hot thus far. Race time is at 8am, so that means that if Ileana & the kids come, I will be having to drag us out of here by like 6am.

Rather than posting the music on the right, I may start posting what I'm hearing to go along with the blog. Seems a bit more natural, if natural is even an acceptable word to describe the internet.


Anonymous said...

What the hell is Paul Rohoufer picture doing there?

Alex Gonzalez said...
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Alex Gonzalez said...

It isn't a picture of Paul Ruff Doogie Howser, Mr. "Anonymous" David. It is a picture of SEAL !