Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Thomas Labrecque Run

Every 3 minutes another person is diagnosed with lung cancer and each hour 18 people die from it. More than 60% of people newly diagnosed with lung cancer each year have never smoked or have quit smoking. And despite lung cancer being the #1 killer, roughly $1,800 is spent for research per lung cancer death compared to over $23,000 per breast cancer death for research.

About Tom
In September of 2000, Thomas G. Labrecque was diagnosed with lung cancer and died eight weeks later. Tom never smoked and was in good health prior to his diagnosis.
Tom was born in Long Branch, NJ, the third of eight children. After attending Villanova University, he served in the Navy for four years before joining Chase Manhattan Bank in 1964. He worked his way up and became chairman and CEO of the Chase Manhattan Corporation in 1990. In April 1996, after helping organize one of the largest mergers in banking history between Chase and the Chemical Banking Corporation, he assumed the position of president and COO. At the time of his death, he was chairman of Chase’s International Advisory Council, a post he assumed following his retirement in June 1999.

Rich, poor, whatever a person's situation, cancer is a horrible ordeal, not only for the one enduring it, but for the family and loved ones too. It is the first time I run this race, and I don't think I can top what I did in the last race, but it won't matter I will be raising money, and running for a good cause this Sunday.

I've been running everyday now, with no letup in sight. Unless I feel the need to, I will continue to run everyday, at least until after my Long Island Half Marathon on May 6. I think I may have approached a stage aerobically, that I have not enjoyed, perhaps even since I was 18. I don't know how much more I can do with this old body, but am ever so gently pushing the envelope to see what my actual limits are.

I will be picking up my running number this Saturday, and then heading over for the Tribeca Film Festival for an afternoon indie show.

Then it will be more sleep for me, and then my race.

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