Monday, April 23, 2007

Outdoors....Here I Come!

Well, today I ran twice. Once during my lunch hour and again through Forest Park when I got home. Finally, some warm weather! I'm really grateful for it too. My legs were beginning to ache running on those treadmills for all those months.

This morning, as I was fumbling through my running memorabilia. I was looking to scan in my running number from when I ran the JFK race back in 84' and/or 85'. To my chagrin, I could not find them, but I found out something else. A running number to a Queens Half-Marathon race that I actually ran in my heydey. Previously, I did not think that I ran one before 1990. Moreover, I could not believe that my some of my half times nowadays were better. I did that race in 1:51:17, or about 8:30 per mile.

This evening's run went well, but my left leg is aching a bit more. I really ran fast and effortless however. Even the hills went well. Great thing about this Forest Park, is that I can consider it to be just about anything. There's hills all along the course, and there is that great oval track at the end of it. With all the other runners out there, and with little worries about auto traffic, I definitely plan to use this a lot.

This was the picture that my 9-year old, Stepahnie, took of me after the race yesterday. The solar flare on the upper right hand of the photo I was holding is actually natural. No photoshop at all!

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Dean said...

Interesting. Up North, treadmills seem to be used in the Winter (avoiding the numbing cold). Down South, they are probably more used in the Summer (avoiding the blistering 100 degree heat).

As for me, I can't abide treadmills. If I had to run on them, well, I wouldn't be a runner.

- Dean