Friday, March 30, 2007

The Lines! The Lines! (A Fixation)

Today, I may have overdone it a bit. My right calf is talking and telling me, "Yo. Estupido. Remember what you did to me back in October last year? Well, I'm going to pop again if you don't quit it. I ain't no G string on a guitar you know, you can't just replace me (of course if this had been a G string on a lass, I might just have run even further...)

Tomorrow, I am off to Cleveland. Will not run tomorrow morning. Whether or not I run tomorrow night, all depends on a), how my calf is feeling, b), how tired I am, and c), the condition of the treadmill.

Most treadmills at hotels are pretty bad. You are better off talking to the concierge and getting a safe route around the hotel to run in, like I did in Vancouver.

Is it just me, or has anyone ever bothered not to listen to advice, and instead of keeping their head up when you run, you just let it hang? Well I did today. I kept looking on the ground in front of me. Pretty stupid because if anything or anyone got in the way, my sport could have easily turned from 'track & field' to 'crash & burn'. Why was I so fixated on doing this? Because I was staring at the white line that I was running over that divided lane 3 from lane 4. It was pretty strange because after a while, it seemed as if I weren't even moving, but rather as if the road was moving by itself under your feet. Give this a try one time. But please be careful. If anything happens to you, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE! :-)

Anyway, at least I got my close to 30 miles in for the week and did my personal best in a single month for mileage. I was supposed to run in this Sunday's Scotland 10K race (even paid for the darn thing too), but business is summoning me to travel, so I must answer to my call of duty. In IT, weekends are not made for running, nor are they made for Michelob either. They are usually made for working long hours in front of a computer (just like now!). I might not get the opportunity to run again until Tuesday. Perhaps I just need to chill for awhile anyway....phooey!

With all these oval track workouts recently, I thought it might be nice to throw up a great video
of great races of the oval dynasty from years gone by. It's might be a bit jerky until it completely loads, but the end (the last minute) with Bill Mills and the television announcer, is just an incredible inspiration. I dare you not to get goosebumps from his call of the finish. Enjoy!

Fantastic! I just checked out the Road To Chicago's website, just now for the first time today.....and noticed that they too have this video. It's really inspiring and it's a well made compilation. Mike, I also saw your post about being ill. Hope you are feeling better soon!

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