Monday, July 6, 2009

Time To Dance.

This is a very macho heading indeed. Time To Dance. What does that mean exactly?
It means that with all this swimming that I've been doing that I've been neglecting the one thing that I haven't done in a long, long, while. And that's a long run, my friends.

If you've been following my blogs for the past few years now, you will have noticed a lot of adventurous places that I've run through, many for the first and last times. Today, after my friend left for work, I got my running gear on, my endurance face on, and headed out south down Park Avenue. Headed down south for what would become a 17 mile run in the scorching sun.

I ran all the way down Park Avenue, right around the Met Life building and continued suit until Park Avenue became Park Row. From there I made my way down Lafayette, past Houston, and even further into the bowels of the city. I kept going and going, despite the heat, the sun, and every opposing element begging me to heed to the common sense that running in 90 degree weather is just plain dumb, and made it all the way to Battery Park.

At this point, I could have taken a train back to the Upper East Side, but that would make me a normal person, right? And whoever knows me, knows that I'm anything but normal.

No, instead I decided to raise the stakes. Not just by running back to my friend's apartment, but now by additionally ditching the shade that I had at least obtained from the tall buildings at either side, by choosing to run up the West Side Highway. Over there, there's no shade AT ALL. At least not until I got under the west side highway itself, but that was long after I was running along the 79th street dock and basin. I finally made my way across Riverside Park, a place which I never even remembered running at last year's 14.2 Manhattan Training Run. The last part, which was to run up to the west side was very challenging. One big hill, let me tell you! And, it was beautiful over there. Another great reason to live in NYC!

Pictures from the run:


DGA said...

I must confess, as much as " I Love NY", that I agree with you. Living in Manhattan is the only place where one should live in NY. I did it in 1991, my last year there and many of the places you've run through I did them by car on Sundays while I lived on 54th street, between Park and Lexington. How can you run all that under 90 degrees? Definitely insane.

Anonymous said...

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