Sunday, August 9, 2009

Running to the beach.

Life's a beach. And then you run to one. That's exactly what I did on this drizzly Sunday afternoon with my friend. We ran together from my house in Lindenhurst to West Babylon, and all the way south until we hit Venetian Shores.

We had been here the night before with the kids eating dinner and listening to country rock music. Everyone had fun, including me. Though I had misplaced my old glasses. The next day I called to find that they had them. Which was one of th reasons why I ran there in the first place.

I ran somewhat slow to help me build up my slow-twitch muscle fibers. 6 miles altogether. It's really sad what a low turnout of runners there are in Long Island. I only felt that way when I had moved in from Queens, but now that I spend plenty of time in Manhattan, the differences are stark.

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