Saturday, July 11, 2009

Connetequot & back.

How does one prepare 24 hours prior to running 20 miles? How about cycling for 30 miles?
That's exactly what my friend and I did when we left on bike from my house in Lindenhurst and rode all the way past Hecksher State Park to Oakdale and back. On the way out I had a tough time keeping up with my friend who is an accomplished cyclist, but I did fairly well on the way back and finished strong.

The weather was good however there were a lot of weirdos on the road, that would pass us and just yell at us to try and get us to fall off our bikes. Idiots. It's jerks like these that give the south shore it's hot dog and tuna fish title (that's the South Shore's version of the North Shore's Surf & Turf).

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DGA said...

So she still beats you biking, eh!
Aren't you exhausted going 20 miles by foot, afer 30 by bike? My legs hurt just by reading it!
As far as the idiots on the road, south or's NY,my favorite city! They will puke explicits to a normal couple riding a bike, but I bet you If you both were lying flat on the pavement without breathing, no one would even look at you. That's what I meant by "My favorite".