Wednesday, July 15, 2009


"How to add more insanity to my life" by Alex Gonzalez


1. Get to work at 8:30am
2. Leave for lunch at 12pm
3. But don't eat.
4. Race in my car to Phelps Pool in Babylon - Travel Time? About 20 minutes
5. Take off my clothes, exposing red & black triathlon suit (INSERT SUPERHERO MUSIC NOW)in the Men's changing room of the pool.
6. Run to the pool, put on goggles, jump in and start swimming.
7. Swim 400 meters as if a shark were chasing you.
8. Jump out of pool, run dripping wet back to changing room.
9. Put on business clothes on carefully in such a way as to not get them wet with my superhero Triathlete suit.
10. Run to parking lot, get in car, drive like a maniac back to work.
11. Park car, run through front door, and dive bomb back into my chair to do work.
12. Do the first 11 steps in 1 hour flat.
13. Repeat this every day until I pass out from exhaustion, or I'm taken to the loony bin.

That, my friends, was my routine for Monday, Tuesday, and today (Wednesday) of this week.

My triathlon consisted of WORK, DRIVING, and SWIMMING.

Notes from my individual swim entries:

On Monday,... I didn't actually write anything. I was either too shell-shocked from the experience or too waterlogged to write anything. It took me 22 minutes

On Tuesday, "I was able to swim the first 75 meters without stopping. Awesome!" It took me 20 minutes to do my swim

On Wednesday, "I started off swimming 100 meters without stopping except to turn around. And I did a couple of 50s as well. This was also perhaps the best balanced swim I've had thus far too. It appears that I can swim during lunch. 20 minute drive, 15 minute swim, 15 minute drive back and about 10 minutes to transition. This is great, it means I can go every day during lunch (weather permitting). I left at 12noon time." It took my 18 minutes to finish the 400 meters.

In the end, what does all of this mean, you ask?


That, plus I need new goggles...again! THIS WILL BE MY 3RD PAIR...Need something that won't leak water into my eyes!

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DGA said...

You forgot to include parachuting. Try that between swimming and driving. YOU ARE TOTALLY GONE!