Saturday, June 6, 2009

What's New With Me That You Aren't Asking?

My next race is next week. It's a 10k in Central Park. I just recently downloaded the latest Dave Matthews Band and it's pretty good. One of my buddies on Facebook, suggested that I download Alter Bridge. I have to admit that I've never heard of them before, but they sound excellent.

With my throwing my hat into the whole online dating scene, my life of late has been particularly busy. Funny for as long as I have been single now, that I didn't take this up sooner. I never really thought I'd get many responses, but I am actually getting overwhelmed...Well, in a good way, lol..

Not much to report these days, other than my weight's at around the 160 mark. I'm still not sleeping enough, and my training has been up and down. This week's been a down week. Not much running, but rather online flirting, I guess. Between Match.Com, Facebook, and my running team, I've been definitely burning the candle again. Frank is holding a Long Island Wine Tasting event this Thursday at FatFish in Bayshore, which I might attend. I'm going to a party in the city tonight with Bonnie and her beau, Eric, and a birthday party tomorrow night for Stella. My stepmother is crashing at my place tomorrow night too, so I will probably be meeting her and Jim somewhere in Queens to give them the keys to my sanctuary.

To shave or not to shave? That is the borderline Metrosexual question. As of late, I've been noticing excessively hairy legs on me. While this has never been an issue for me personally, I've been taking some notes in the running world of late. It appears that most guys either shave their legs or have little hair. Is there a aerodynamic benefit to doing this? Well, I decided to throw my Gillette in the ring today. I didn't shave it all off, but did mostly everything from the knees on up, and trimmed everything from there on down. I actually like it. It makes me look younger (cause after all, only old men have hair growing everywhere but their scalp right, and I'm young.......right???? lol).

I believe that a metamorphosis has slowly been taking place over the years in me, and that has to be my neatness. I admit, I was your typical run of the mill guy slob. Leaving things anywhere and everywhere, and not really caring about it until I would trip over myself. But over the last few years, especially since I permanently "singled" myself and moved out on my own last August, I have been quite the neat bug over here in sanctuary world.

Anyway. I believe that I may have written too much already. I need to eat. I need to run. I need to shower again. And I need to rest. Tonight's fondue and liquor party begins at 7 and I am also a course marshall at tomorrow's all-women "mini" 10k race at Central Park.

One of these years, perhaps, I'll settle down, but right now, I've been having way too much fun for too long, and still not long enough. The secret to being single and loving it, is to be loving yourself, and being at peace with knowing that only you can bring yourself the happiness that you deserve out of life. No one else can, or will.

Wow....This Dave Matthews Band album is really progressive.....Even for him!

By the way...and here comes another shameless plug.....if you want to see my profile on Match.Com it is "alexgonzalez0709" In the end it's all about having fun!!!!

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