Thursday, May 14, 2009

Training Status & Matthew's progress

My training has been going great so far. I'm back to 157, which is optimal weight for me since it's mostly muscle. My next big run is on the 30th (Brooklyn Half Marathon), and so as long as I continue doing long runs, I should be in fine shape.

I've been running at the gym again. I really like my gym too. Even though there is no swimming pool, Fitness 19 over in Lindenhurst has been a good place to go to eat miles when the weather has been less than desireable or when it's too dark out to be able to run safely.

Tonight, I actually did two things at once. My laundry was getting a bit backed up, but the laundromat is fortunately in the same shopping plaza as my gym is. I did 3 loads, ran over to the gym, and did 4 miles. I really ran fast tonight too. During my first interval, I reached 11.1 MPH, good enough for a 5:25 pace.

After the first session, I did some easy stretches, headed over to the laundromat, threw everything in the dryer, and went back again to run some more. This time I did 5 miles, and during one stretch reached 12.1 MPH and maintained it for 1/4 mile. That speed equals a 4 minute 58 second pace.

In the end, I wound up with an overall pace of 8:23, which even included some walking baked-in.

My ex-stepmother is coming over tomorrow night with her boyfriend, Jim. They're staying at my place until Monday. Jim, an brilliant artist, is hosting a showcase at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Before Jim, I never knew that there was such thing as artistry in furniture!

Also on tap, and by far the big moment of the weekend is my son's Holy Communion. I have been so proud of my son of late. Not only has he started shining scholastically this year, but he is also excelling at baseball too. And that's with the fact that he is an 8-year old boy who is playing with the 10-year old leaguers. If I needed any reassurance that putting him in the "advanced" league was the right thing to do, it was put to rest this evening. Prior to the start of the Mets game against the Giants (for which I'm happy to report that they are up 4-2 in the 5th right now), they had an expose on Keith Hernandez's early years. As you may or may not know, Hernandez, was raised in Pacifica, a San Francisco Bay Area surburb, and an absolutely gorgeous place to live. I've been there, I know!

Anyway, Keith's parents had seen their son's love and passion for the game, and feeling that it would benefit him, convinced the coaches to advance him to 10-year old leaguers when he had just turned 9 (sounds familiar??). His talent proved itself, because rather than cracking under the pressure of the advanced age, Keith hit .300 his first year, and flourished from there. A few years later in High School, he won his 1st MVP. And from there it was history... The link for the video is here --> Keith Hernandez - Childhood Memories

I don't know what the future for my son will hold. Not sure if he is going to get tired of the game, or if he is going to be one of these lucky souls that has found his true love so early in his life. But whatever his choices will be down the road, I will support him and love him because that is, above all else, the best thing that we can provide our children.

Of course, if he becomes the 1 in 500,000 children that actually makes it to the MLB, I won't be broken up about it either! At that point, WHATEVER team he plays on, will suddenly my favorite team on Earth.

Anyhow, I've charged my camera for this Saturday, and once finished, I'll be uploading my photos to Kodak with a link to share. I really miss my kids, and can't wait to have them next weekend for the long weekend. Rain, rain go away!!!!!

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