Saturday, May 2, 2009


With ticket prices the way they are these days in New York, the typical fan (like me) won't be going to a game anytime soon. However, at CitiField, you can score upper deck seating for as low as $11. And considering the new dimensions of the park, the top section has oxygen. It's not that high. True to their word, the park is intimate and detailed with plenty of nooks and crannies.

What I don't like about the park is that it looks to impersonal. Definition? There are NOT ENOUGH Mets things up on the board. Maybe we don't have 26 World Championships under our belt like our bigger brother across the river may have, but we do have nearly 50 years worth of games. More pictures, more banners, more Mets things PLEASE!

I love Jackie Robinson. But when was he ever a Met? Last I checked, his team moved 3000 miles to the west coast. Let them honor him there, for Pete's sake.

The whole design of the stadium is absolutely fabulous. The rotunda entry is spectacular, despite it being used entirely as a museum for Jackie Robinson. If the fans feel alienated by this....then imagine the Mets ballplayers themselves? We all have egos y'know? They should get stroked every so often.

The other knock I have is that the seat color should be Mets colors. What's with this dark forest green? Blue and Orange is what they should be. In Busch stadium they are bright red for their St. Louis Cardinals.

(pictures are forthcoming)

There is every food imaginable. I loved the court yard area and theme park behind the scoreboard (even though it was ripped off Turner Field). I love the bridge walk over the bullpen.

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