Sunday, May 10, 2009

Book Review: Fun On Foot In New York written by Warwick Ford with Nola Ford

How many times have you read a book about walking or running, and say "That makes sense!" or "That's a great book!" Then you go out, apply it to your own training, and realize you wished you had eaten your words?

Well, I am pleased to announce that "Fun On Foot In New York" is NOT one of those books.

"Fun On Foot", written by fellow runner, Warwick Ford, sets out to both educate and demystify the perils associated for the fellow walker or runner, who wants to run in a location but is just unsure as to where to go. He does so by creating the most comprehensive guide to running and walking in the Greater New York City and NJ area...EVER!

Taking "copious notes" as he mentions in his Preface, Warwick along with the help of Nola (his wife), has put together a compendum of routes with descriptions, pictures, deviations on courses,maps, diners nearby (lol), times to run, etc., that you will not find on any online running course mapping program. In short, you will find and every little nook and cranny that a runner would want to know before taking a course head on.

The extent of Warwick's knowledge seems endless. This makes the application of this knowledge for the fellow walker/runner useful....AND FUN!

But to just say that it was written well is perhaps a bit conclusive. So, I decided to challenge Warwick's findings, by actually RUNNING some of the courses he mentioned in the book.

I am here to tell you that I am extremely pleased by all of his course descriptions. It is a wonderful resource for New Yorkers, and outsiders alike. Enlightening and dead-on accurate.

"Fun On Foot" caters to walkers/runners of all abilities. It won't just give you the longest course in a given park (for ex.), but several ones if there are several ones available. It is written to be easily digested, too. In short, you don't need to be a world-class athlete to fully understand or enjoy the amount of information that's available here.

Finally, "Fun On Foot" is user-friendly to the out-of-town traveller looking for a place to walk or run, and is extensive enough to the local dweller, interested in exploring more of their own neighborhood.

If it sounds like I am a bit excited, it is because this was a book that should have been written decades ago. Finally, it is here, and now we can all benefit from it.

I for one, have decided to even do my own "Fun On Foot" exploration, and started running through routes I've never even knew existed. So far this has been a lot of fun for me!

In short, this is a gem of a book and I highly encourage it to the fellow walker or running enthusiast. Great stuff!

Walk, errr actually no.... RUN to your computer and order it online!

For more information on this guide you may visit their website at http:\\

You may also visit Amazon or B&N (Barnes and Noble) as I believe it is for sale on these sites.


DebbieJRT said...

Hey, Alex, if you are interested, the author is supposed to be the guest speaker at our club's June meeting.

Alex Gonzalez said...

Cool. Perhaps a chance for autograph? What day is he speaking?