Friday, March 20, 2009


The last two days have been great for my waist, but not for my brain. I have to come to grips that my mission statement of "1:17:20 or bust" for this Sunday's race is going to have to be "bust" instead. I heal pretty fast, but the extent of last Sunday's calf injury has proven to be more profound than I had originally believed.

I probably could have avoided injury had I not run on Sunday, but I could not help myself. Just like John J. Kelley, marathon legened, and winner of the 1957 Boston Marathon once said, "The things we do should consume us. If they don't, our lives won't have any meaning."

That said, once I start running again, I will be looking to increase my potato intake. Potatoes provide more energy-delivering complex carbohydrates than a cup of pasta. It's easy to prepare, and I digest it fairly quickly. I've even read somewhere that a good postrun edible, is a baked potato topped with low-fat chili. The chili provides a good and quick way to repair muscles, with the carbs of the potato acting as a carbohydrate accelerant and replenishment.

If I am feeling well enough, I just might trek out to Queens and run with the club on Sunday. Most on the club will do a slow trot, which is probably the most I will be able to do anyway.

It sucks to be out of commission like this, but what can I do? Better to repair now, than to further harm myself. Blech!

I forgot to post this yesterday, but I had gone down to 163.8 and today I am down to 162.6. It is amazing the amount of weight that I am losing despite the lack of exercise. I think I can attribute it to eating a whole lot less. Smaller portions, and tricking myself into trying to feel full.
My bet with my father (who, by the way, owes me like at least another 4 accolades!) was to get to under 160. My real ultimate goal is to get be between 150-155.

In other news...Work, Money and Weather permitting, I might venture this summer to Virginia Beach, and then the Outer Banks. I hardly can match with the big boys expense accounts to actually afford a summer house rental out there, but perhaps I can find some run down Motel that is "near" to places like Corolla, and actually see what the hub-bub is all about. Get some sand, see how the uppity-ups relax, maybe mingle with the single, and finally cross that damned Chesapeake Bay Bridge! :-)

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DGA said...

I don;t owe you any accolades! Chamberlain got his praisings too many times already, But to keep you happy and focus on your goal here goes another one.

"That brainless giant of a basketball player holds the highest score record of 100 points by standing for 40 minutes under the basket waiting for team mates high passes. No one has accomplished that same feat yet"