Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hefty Sums

No, it's not about my weight (though it may have well been). It's about the cost of a ticket at the new and highly-anticipated ballparks in New York. With the Yankees charging what appears to be $850 per seat per game for their field boxes, and the Mets charging close to $400 for the same, I figured that that third-tier vendors like StubHub would be left with little wiggle room to upsell.

Take a look....

$20,589 per ticket. For 1 meaningless game in a schedule of 162 games. Are you effing kidding me?

On another note regarding hefty sums.....Republican "potential" candidate, Bobby Jindal, went on the offense last night right after Obama's speech by proclaiming that government spending isn't the way to recovery. Really, Mr. Jindal. I guess you must not be looking very much at what is happening in your own backyard. Didn't your state graciously and hungrily accept $8 billion dollars in aid from the government a couple of years ago? I have too many good hours in my life to waste posting EVERY source, but here is one regarding just how much against your state of Louisiana was against this so-called GOVERNMENT spending:

What is the Republican party thinking about by having a governor from the state that has received more aid (justifiably so might I add) then any other, represent why it isn't good for the government to spend money?

What is most comical about the comical Republican party is that they are considering Bobby Jindal as the next potential candidate to take on Obama in 2012. Though I am just speculating, it appears to me that the Republican party thinks that Obama got voted in because of his color. It just seems so coincidental that this rich-white-boy-banker-backed-party has suddenly decided to pick a person of "color" to represent them. Again, I might be completely off base, but this is the perception that they give to me, when they send a person up there to the television networks, who can't even speak correctly, look glassy eyed, and appear completely disingenous in front of the cameras. What is it with this party anyway that they can't even speak correctly?

Come to think of it, perhaps I should take back what I said about the Mets tickets being outrageously expensive. With the $8 billion dollars that Mr. Jindal's state just received from the same government that he is criticizing, this amounts to 388,557 field box tickets at CitiField. And that, my friends, is a lot of tickets now, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I realize you are just using the Mets as a bridge to your real point, which I could not care less about because it has nothing to do with running :).

However, regarding my beloved Mets, of whom I DID NOT renew my season plan for a variety of reasons in which they mistreated their longtime partial plan ticket holders:

- It is hardly a meaningless game. It is the official first game in the new stadium, which comes with a hefty price tag.

- The people selling on StubHub are not the ballclubs themselves, but the people (or ticket brokers) that bought those tickets either trying to make a bunch of extra bucks (upselling), or trying to dump their unusable seats (cheap).

Check StubHub for weekday games in April and May, and you'll find they are much cheaper. That's how I'll be going to games this year. I will not pay the Mets directly for any tickets, but instead will pay a discount on StubHub or RazorGator to the poor saps that can't use their plan tickets.

Alex Gonzalez said...

I agree. I think I was probably pretty harsh when I wrote it, being that it wasn't more than 5 minutes after I saw the price tag that I put angst to blog.
First game is obviously never a meaningless affair, but when actual ticket prices (not through StubHub now) are closer to 500 than they are to 100 that's when I feel that baseball (and not just the Mets in general) are once again screwing their future fans, like my kids, for whom it makes it harder for them to see a game in person.

On the other side of the river, where I my loyalties do not lie, they are scalping their field box fans to a tune of $850 per ticket per game.

The whole thing has gone completely out of control. True this is not pricing for all the seats (a friend of mine went through stubhub and got Mets tickets against the Pirates in May for like $22 per seat-not bad). However, if this pricing structure was was pre-set prior to the whole economic mess that took place last year, then it amazes me that both the Mets and Yanks still have the chutzpah to think they can actually sell out the ballparks like this.

More power to them if they do, and if they do, I guess I should have picked a different line of work to afford transatlantic coach price-like tickets for ballgames in New York! Bah! LOL!

DGA said...

Baseball? Mets? Pleeeease! I would not pay five dollars to see the Mets or the Yankees! Give me soccer, where the players run for 45 straight minutes and after half time another 45 minutes without stop, unless they get kicked in the "base-balls" and they need to be taken out on a stretcher. Baseball players are not athletes, baseball is not a sport. It is a game. A game for more than one reason, as they also play with us with those outrageous ticket prices and player salaries.
OK, now that I have irritated all baseball fans reading this comment, I apologize to you and to Rush Linbaugh. I guess everyone nowadays apologizes to that clown, so why not me too?
Seriously, baseball is not my thing, although I sometimes enjoy watching a game in my living room, while having a beer or a glass of wine, and barbequed potato chips.
As soon as I get a new pair of prescription glasses I'll be able to enjoy it even more.