Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3rd consecutive day.

While the 2009 New York Rangers were not moved enough from Adam Grave's number retirement celebration, I was. Right after I saw him and his son crying as they lifted his number 9 to the rafters at Madison Square Garden, I, who was supposed to stay home last night, became driven to run.

I went to the gym, and ran until they literally turned the lights off.

The Bronx Half-Marathon is coming this Sunday. While I have greatly reduced the number of races that I am running in this year due to my own budget cutbacks, this was a race that had already been prepaid. It is easily the toughest half-marathon, I have ever run in, only breaking the 2 hour barrier once (1:58:41).

With my lack of preparation thus far this year, I'm doing everything I can (last minute) to put on some kind of a decent showing in the Bronx. Temperatures are supposed to top 50, but that won't be until the afternoon. It will still be chilly at race time, I bet.

Of course, the highlight of the Bronx Half will be the dead rat that I always see near the university. I have seen it all 3 times that I have ran this race. I'm beginning to think it's part of a fraternity prank.

Yesterday marked the 3rd consecutive day I've run. Believe it or not, that is the first time since before the NYC Marathon in which I've done 3 straight days. Goes to show you, how far from the wagon I fell off. There's no mystery then as to why I was weighing 169.8 right after dinner and before I did my run last night. I'm down to 167.4 now and am hopefully going for a long run tonight.

I'm feeling the "air" of competitiveness slowly creep back into me.....

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