Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Mets and my Meniscus.

So the doc thinks that there really is nothing to worry about the meniscus....yet he's asking me to contact my PT guy tomorrow to set up an appointment. He is more concerned about the kneecap.

Brightroom.com took 27 photos of me when I ran as Santa Claus for the inaugural Ted Corbitt race last week. That's 26 more than normal.

Oh, and to live up to the title of Media Whore, Brightroom has given me the added kudos by presenting my photo (left) as the photo to represent the race.

The link to all my 27 photos can be found here:

My kids are having a blast at my house this week. It feels awesome to be a full time dad. Wish I had the money to retire and do this everyday.

1010 WINS newsradio reported that this was the worst Christmas shopping season since 1970. I was 5 years old. For Christmas that year, I had gotten a motorized Big Wheel. Back then though "motorized" meant a 6-foot long cord attached to the plastic bike. Can't go too far in one of those....

Mangini gone. Good riddance. Whose Next? Favre I hope. Bill Cowher, we need you now, man.

Here's one about the Mets. Peace to my peeps in both Queens and Long Island Lands....

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