Friday, November 7, 2008

Woo Hoo - I Made You Tube!

Some angel spent their entire day videotaping near the 26 mile mark on Central Park South, and after many reels of YouTube films......I FOUND MYSELF!!!!

Okay so you can start seeing me at about the :36 second mark and I pass almost directly in front of the camera at :50 seconds. As a good reference, take a look at the frozen still, freeze it in your head, and then press play on the YouTube and see for yourself.


And now the video. Remember, I am in view from :39 seconds to about :50 seconds.

And if you wanted a great reason why the people of the city of New York are AMAZING. Just listen to the endless chants of "ALMOST THERE! ALMOST THERE! ALMOST THERE! ALMOST THERE!" The greatest fans in the world live right here in New York!


Anonymous said...

There you are!! I woohoo'd you while watching it. It looks like you had a relatively strong finish despite the fact of having both legs turned to stone. Who's better than you? -J

DGA said...

Everything is relative in life. My high speed internet is the slowest of them all, probably the worst. So you appeared after 52 seconds in my screen. The good thing about it is that you stayed longer for about 10 seconds more until you disappeared.