Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Mantra: S-E-L-F

Over the next few weeks, while I am on the mend, I will be putting together the biggest and most intensive training program yet. It will involve a complete makeover that will focus primarily on muscle strength and flexibility building, dietary nutrition, and endurance, endurance, endurance. I will using this blog not only to disclose the full details but also as a vehicle to journalize my progress. The goal of which is to re-invent myself, and not only destroy that sub-4 barrier, but to be the physical specimen that I need to be, in order to achieve my dream.

I will be focusing on mySELF. mySELF is my new name for my program, and SELF stands for :

(S)TRENGTHEN.....Strengthen muscles using equipment. Resting and Sleeping to repair.
(E)NDURANCE....Focus on doing longer runs. Analyze my bodies' physical requirements.
(L)OSE WEIGHT.....Trimming down to between 150-155 maximum.
(F)LEXIBILITY.....Daily stretching routines, to maximize use of muscles that are of issue.

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