Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Need more sleep!

Tonight will be odd. I have to work in the office at 8pm, but once I am done, I plan to go home and go to bed. I'm going to see about leaving early, so that I can go to the gym, and have time to make dinner at home, and come back to the office.

Weighed myself on the scale this morning..... 161.2...... Awesome.

I think a good way to know one is losing some weight is to always feel a little hungry.

Another good sign of strength: As I sit here taking a 5-minute break to write this, someone has brought in a humongous tray of post-halloween leftover candy. Twix, Snickers, and *jeez* just reading this is testing my will!

Of course, there is a limit to this weight loss. I want to get to about 150, and then I will be perfect. Also, as I start to run next week, I will be able to eat more food (YES!)

Last night I slept about 6 hours. Will hope to cash in and sleep 8 tonight. The magic time is 10pm. Let's see if I can be in bed by then!

I was thinking of doing a race on Thanksgiving Day in Port Washington since I don't have my kids this year, and since I'm generally not doing anything. Scott had invited me to hang with his family, but it seems like now they might not be doing anything either. LOL.

Oh well, back to the grind!

Notable Quotable:
"Running is the classical road to self-consciousness, self-awareness, and self-reliance. Independence is the outstanding characteristic of the runner. He learns the harsh reality of his physical and mental limitations when he runs." - Noel Carroll

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DGA said...

Noel Carroll must be related to Lewis Carroll who wrote "Alice in Wonderland". Not that I don't have any trust in you getting down to 150 lbs, but I think I could become the next Pope before that happens. How about a bet on it?