Monday, November 17, 2008

It Has Been An Incredible Journey.

I spent a few hours doing the animation, and selecting some Christmas and reflective music. I hope you all like it.

With over 300 posts, and 90 races done, I feel as if though I have not much left to write about.

I have been contemplating an action for quite awhile, and now I have decided to follow through.

I am retiring from writing blogs. And this is my last entry.

For any of you out there that enjoy what I write, I am sorry if you wanted me to keep going. It's just that the luster from writing blogs has worn off, and there are other things that I can focus on besides being a running reporter.

Instead, I am just going to live my life and focus on being happy.

If there is an over-arching theme that I want people to come away with from my sometimes interesting, sometimes zany cyber-diary, it is this....

Be happy.

Be happy and seek out with full vigor to achieve that for which you think you cannot.

Dare to dream, but don't just stop there. Listen to what your heart tells you to do, and then follow through with action. Grab opportunity by the throat, and go for it.

Most importantly, never give up on your dreams. If you never quit, you will never fail.

I have applied this to my running. With all the blogs that I have written, you can see that despite my odds, I have succeeded to be a good runner. Perhaps not an elite runner, but the best that I can be right now. And instead of getting worse with age, I AM getting better. I plan to and will break 4 hours at next year's NYC Marathon. I can say this because I believe in myself. And I believe in myself because I always try my hardest and leave nothing behind. If you believe in your heart and follow through enough, you too will see that fiction can become fact.

You just gotta try. Take a chance. There is no shame, only honor, when you show the world that you followed your heart and followed through.

To everyone that might visit, be you an old-timer, or a newcomer....THANK YOU! It has been my pleasure to write for all of you. I wish you all the best, and since most of you are runners, I wish you all to run your best, and bless yourselves for learning the ability to act upon your desires. It is a true blessing, is it not?

It has been a wonderful experience for me here in cyberspace. I shall never forget it.

Thank you all again for reading my blogs.

Peace and out.
Alex Gonzalez aka. "Blogrunner"


Anonymous said...

I miss you already.

Anonymous said...

How will we ever find out if the sub four has been acquired?

DGA said...

It is always sad to come to the end of whatever it is that one has to finish, but It is also understandable that life is the product of many components and sometimes one of these ingredients takes overwhemlingly over the sum of the others. So the solution of laying off for a while might be a wise one. Eventually, you will get back to be a blogrunner, probably in the Spring of 2009 (my prediction).
I am trying to analyze the anonimous messages and Here are myconclusions:

1) "I miss you already". That is someone who is not running and most likely female. But why should she miss you? Unless that was the only way she could be in touch with you? I can't go that deep.
2)"How will we ever find out...sub4.....". Definitely not a runner and definitely someone who has no contact with you at all, except by reading your blogs. Genre? Probably another female.

Why are people so afraid of giving their names?

Anyway, good luck on your life minus blogs. Now you'll have more time to get bored or to screw up more often...or hopefully to improve on your personal life.

Carboman said...

Thanks for all the postings. You provided me with much needed info and on the marathon and while we didn’t get to meet, I really enjoyed your frank and often funny write-ups.

If you ever come over to this part of the world, please let me know.
All the best in your life and running!

And if I’m asked what’s the single thing that I love most about NYC? My answer would be Central Park.