Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bowling Night Out

Tonight we had our first ever Bowling Night out. It was a great way for our teammates to get together without having to run to do it either. Barbara Gillespie, our Social Director, did a great job at putting this together, and I think I speak for plenty of us that say that we look forward to more events like this in the near future.

We all met up at the AMF Bowling Lanes on 34th Avenue in Woodside, Queens. I was ravenously hungry, not even having eaten lunch. So, I found a pizzeria a couple of blocks away and had two skimpy, but good tasting slices. And a Red Bull.

By the time, I got to the alley, several of my teammates were already there. John, KJ and I think his girlfriend?, Carol, Scott, and Bryon. Moments later, Abby, Bonnie and her two kids, Maritza, Barbara, and Jack showed up as well. Am I missing anybody else? If I am, let me know, and I'll be happy to include on this post.

Anyway, we had a blast. Typical of me, my first game was my best game, and as the night wore on, my luster for being the "Dude" wore off. I went from Big to Little Lebowski by the time 11pm rolled around. Scott (big Giants fan) even got into it, text messaging my gal, Jenn (big Eagles fan). And sorry to say for Jen, the Eagles fell just a little short, 36-31. Don't worry Jen, I wasn't really keeping score, but I pretty much beat Scott both games easily (Scott, that's what you get for saying that my Jets team had it easy today because of playing easy teams all the time....let's see you say that next week, when your team plays the Defense Crushing Ravens!). Anyway, I expect all kinds of fallout from Scottso on this post. Bring it on!

The night's festivities included socializing, bowling, and pizza, for which that pie was demolished in seconds flat. I had to wait for the second pie to come out (because the alley said that they can only make 1 pie at a time-lol) for me to get my first slice. It made me feel good to know that all my fellow runners are pizza whores just like moi.

Here are some snapshots I took with the handy dandy iPhone (no Jen, not the choking victims sign....although we did cover those heimlick moves pretty well via text, didn't we? smile)

Abby, our no-nonsense cool dude. He's coming back from injury and gettin' ready to tear it up at a runner's park near you!

John D., our Canadian Bowling Spitfire Machine! He was like the Terminator tonight, just getting better and better as the night wore on.

Abby, Bonnie, and KJ, the Forest Park secret weapon. KJ also came back from injury, and he's definitely going to tear it up. His half-marathon pace is like 5:38. That is INSANE! BTW, Bonnie is making her increasingly famous, "Mary-Tyler-Moore-whoop-it-up-in-Minneapolis-pose."

My man Bryon, and Barbara, our social director, and fellow St. Francis Prepster. And yes, Barbara, you definitely looked like an IT geek (no comparison to me-Geek Master) with your elongated analysis prior to each ball hurl. And it paid off!

Our beloved President, and fearless leader Jack Berger. He was kicking some butt in the earlier rounds.

Abby and John, doing the "Awwwhh" as Carol leaves the 7 pin up for like the 7th time in a row. Carol, who was also in a bowling league, would go on to beat me badly, after Scott departed. Darn, the moment Scott left, I played lousy!

Maritza (far left), Carol (bottom), Barbara (behind them), Jack and Bryon

KJ's girlfriend, I think?

I save the best for last. Here is my friend Scott. He is trying to think of a way to beat me in bowling. When he realized half way through the first game that this was not going to happen, he started using his pulled hamstring and ensuing painas an excuse. I still showed no mercy, and crushed him by like 50 pins to end the first game. He started off the second game with a strike in the first frame, and turned to me and told me he was taking me to school. But as the game wore on, I started to creep up on him. And as that happen, he mysteriously began to use the excuse of his Giants winning for losing interest in the *ahem* choke job he was excelling at. LOL. And by the way Scott, when the hell are you going to update your blog (( The dust mites from your site are making their way over here now ...*cough* *cough* *CHOKE*!!! He knows I am totally kidding, and having him invite me over for Thanksgiving since I will be without kids this year, was very nice of him.

Ugh. Time to go to bed. Work tomorrow........and STRETCHES!!!

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