Saturday, November 1, 2008

Awe Inspiring. Turn Up Your Speakers!

A couple of things.

1) There has been a change of plans. I will not be driving out to Forest Park tomorrow. There is, instead, a chartered coach that will be leaving from near my home tomorrow at 5am. It will drive straight to the starting line. Great because I can leave my valuables in that bus, and not have to worry about leaving much with the UPS Truck. Great because the UPS bag they gave out this year is smaller. Great because the bus includes breakfast and movies. The bus will remain in Staten Island until after we take off. From there it will drive to Lincoln Center and will be there until 5:30pm, however I can walk straight to the bus and just veg out there for as long as I need, watch movies, talk on my cell to my girlfriend, etc. Great because I now only have to drive like 5 miles round trip, not have to take a subway, a taxi and drive another 60 plus miles. Great because I also get to sleep until 4am now. So I can go to bed at 9pm and still get 8 hours (including the time change tonight). WooHoo!!!

2) The other even more inspiring thing to note are the supportive emails that I've been getting from my gal pal who could not make it unfortunately. I know she might kill me for doing this, but I want everyone to know what a wonderful person she is. There are few like her around. Here take a gander:

Date: 10/28/2008 8:13:43 AM
"You could never fail me as long as you try your hardest, which I know you always do. I am so proud of you and your efforts. You truly inspire me in every way imaginable. I know that you have a sub-4 in you. I see how much you want it, how hard you've worked for it. There is no reason you can not achieve it. Regardless of what happens out on that course, you have already won in my eyes. I love you Alex, and I believe in you."

Date: 10/29/2008 9:51:12 AM
"Whatever you need. Just know that even if we're not in constant communication like we always are, you are ALWAYS in my thoughts. I am sending you nothing but good healthy strong vibes your way. You can and WILL do it under 4. I know you will as I know my own name. And I will always support you, not just in the marathon but in every aspect of our lives together. That's what you do when you love someone as much as I love you."

I know that some of these things are normally meant to be private, but this person is incredible, and the story needs to be told. I love her with all my might. And whatever, however, I finish up tomorrow, she will be a big driver behind it.

I've got Ben Gay heat pads on both calves now. My paranoia is acting up, so my tin foil hat it squarely on my head right now. In about an hour, I am going to make pasta. I had manicotti and bread and salad at a local italian restaurant for lunch.
Afterwards, I plan to bathe. Could not find the bubble bath, so I guess I will use some of that nice Irish Spring bath gel I have. After soaking for about an hour, I will exit,set my clock for Fall, set my alarm clock, and I will be on my way.

I have been blessed in life to not only have health to be able to do these amazing things, but so much else. My girlfriend, as you saw above. Wow. There's just not much more I can say about her. Then there are my beautiful children, Stephanie, Matthew and Amanda. Of course, I have the greatest Dad on Earth too (Cristina I love you also!!), and even a 92-year old spanish speaking Grandmother, who feistiness, and independence has given me such inspiration. My job has been mostly wonderful, with the people and even management to date too. This has been a pretty magical period in my life, and I am eternally grateful.

Final words before I lay down my cyber-virtual pen. As it relates to all my races, especially the all-special New York City Marathon...Every outcome is special to me, but more and more, it has been the journey to get here, that has become intensely satisfying.

Love all and peace out!

-Alex Gonzalez (aka. Blogrunner)


Anonymous said...

*blush* I love you too.

Now go out there and tear it up.

DGA said...

Blush, Blush! hahahaha! Nice going!
Ok. Time for my final advices:
1. Don't forget your Drivers' License
2. Don't forget to talk to your girlfriend on your cell while watching TV on the bus/ Double Hahaha.
3)After you double check on your check list and realize that everything is in order, RELAX and don't think too much. QUE SERA SERA,and destiny will unveil at the end of the race when you check your time and it reads:
3h.58m 42 sec.
(Oh boy I am going to have to put up with that for at least until March of 2009!)