Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ten Spot with Ten Days To Go.

Today Ten was the magic number.
It all started off with the laziest of wills. I was happy to be in bed, when I should have been getting my ass in gear. This is what happens though when you have a great Bob-O-Pedic bed. You don't want to leave it. But my girlfriend called me this morning and inspired me to get movin' and get into the gym. I did and three a sprint 3 miles, plus upper body and hamstring work.

Then again in the evening, she called me and inspired me. Even did a cheerleader's cheer. Pretty incredible and very inspiring. I was going to just do another 2-3 miles. I wound up doing 7 miles.

I will be taking off tomorrow, because my knee is slightly tender, but I am overall satisfied with the results.

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DGA said...

Who's this cheer leader? Can you post a picture of her in your next blog?