Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Flippity Dippity

Seriously, I don't even know what this title even means. Maybe nothing, or maybe it's the unwritten rules of running on an track. For example, why does everyone run/jog/walk/crawl/look counter-clockwise? Is it that we are somehow looking to turn back the clock? Who do we think we are? Superman? And if so, who is Lois Lane?

I ran 10 miles tonight. But instead of being a programmed sheep and follow the rest of the herd by running counter-clockwise, I chose to strike out against society! I ran every other 2 miles in a CLOCKWISE motion. It was like flipping back. Hence the retarded title. Oh sure, it was dangerous at first. There was always that threat of a head-on collision on lane 7, and every so often you'd get that indignant look from someone as if I had broken a rule. Like, since when has this nation become filled with gestapo-wannabes?
I'm just looking to have some fun on the track, that's all..
Why can't we all just get a long? LOL

There are too many rules in this country.

For example, why must we park within the lines? I say, let's park however the hell we wish to park! Of course, I am saying this now, because I no longer have to worry about the insanity of this phrase, "Alternate Side of the Street Parking".....YES! YES! YES!

Anyway, I ran tonight with much vigor, passing along many Abe Vigoda's with vinegar-looking expressions too (not happy 'bout my reverse running I take). About half-way into my run, the rain started coming down and the track, which was flooded with it's immense lighting system, showed the rain coming down all over me and the track. It actually felt good.

At one point when I stopped to turn direction, I pulled a Tim Robbins, and a la Shawshank, held my outstretched arms out to welcome the rain on me, just like he did after he crawled out of the 500 yard long sewer to escape prison. Or was that the Bronx? I then wondered what if this was to be followed by lightning? Should I continue to run? Initially, I thought about it, and all that came to my mind was a visual of my charred-black left leg. Yeah. No. Next!

Anyway, it looks like my race in Hartford is officially back on! My trip has cancelled, and I have requested to be reinstated. Let me put it to you this way, even if I don't get reinstated, I am running it anyway. Yes, a renegade runner. Listen, my job switched the dates on me, I only cancelled less than 24 hours before I requested to reinstate, and, they already charged my credit card. The terrain in Hartford appears to be more difficult than Philly, and since it will only be 3 weeks before the BIG ONE, I may run this for fun and not try anything silly.

Then again, I can be a very silly man.

For example, I learned the other day that by chopping up a steak into pieces before I freeze it will give me multiple meals. Well, that's not being silly. That's actually be fiscally responsible which if you looked for an antonym for that in a thesaurus the words "Wall Street" would appear.
Oh yeah. Check my beef out.

Tasty, right? Nothing like a cattle farmer in the Dell! YUK YUK YUK.....

One last note. One of my fellow bloggers has been making me laugh a lot lately. He's a political satirist, and while he is a little one-sided (well, you'll see), his stuff is hysterical!

His blog is called
You really owe it to yourself to check it out. Very very funny! A+++!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on breaking "the rules" and marching (or running) to your own drummer. A little subversion is always a good thing. ;)Glad you were reinstated in Hartford too. Looks like it should be a great race and a fun weekend.

And don't even get me started on raw beef sitting on your laptop. Damn...*shudder*

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your suggestion about your friend's satyrical blogs. I was cracking up. Does he write for any newspaper? I would love to read his columns! Sara Palin = Queen Crab. That was hysterical!

DGA said...

That was really good, and I don't mean the steaks over Dell. We should all get off the sheep society syndrome and do things the way we like without following stupid patterns written for us. I also jog, whenever I can jog, of course,clock-wise. It would be interesting to find out how many lefthanded people do things clockwise vs. righthanded ones. Also the creativity factor must be a good reason for that.