Saturday, August 30, 2008

Aye-Yi-Yi....2 Races In 2 Days?

Never before had I ever run in two events on the same day. Not even when I was in High School and I weighed 125 pounds wet!!! lets see, I got up on Aug 29th at 5:30am and move my life's belongings until at 11:30pm, and 29 hours later I am waking up at 5am again. To do the entire length of Manhattan Island (14.2 miles), followed by another race at 6:30pm in Randall's Island a 10k. Uh, yeah. I'm okay with this.


How did I do? Keep reading the next entries!

1 comment:

DGA said...

Totally insane!
But you did it. Don't get comfortable with those heroics. They could turn into an addiction. What Am I talking about? Running must be an addiction, like golf to many. OK. It's a healthy addiction. Keep running and watch your diet.