Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another Needless Death.

I'm really saddened by what I just finished reading in some of the other blogs tonight about a young aspiring filmmaker named Jesse Tomkins, 27. An ivy leaguer, Jesse was jogging down Atlantic Avenue, and became a sudden fatality when while at the sidewalk, no loess, was struck by an Acura that spun out of control after being slammed by a Cadillac.

It makes me realize just how fragile life is, and how we can be taken from this Earth, just, like, that. More of this sad news can be found here, and other reports.

I can't emphasize ENOUGH, how important it is to always be on the lookout and be DEFENSIVE when road running. It starts with always running in the opposite direction of traffic, so that you can see everything coming at you, and continues with always looking at driveways and parking lots up ahead. Also, please be sure to steer clear of bicycles and dogs. However, I actually think that cyclists are even more hazardous to runner's health than dogs are.

The Summer Olympics are under way in Beijing, and the Americans are off to a fast start with 6 medals already. Phenom swimmer, Michael Phelps is on a mission, winning the first of what could be up to 10 gold medals, an achievement with no equal.

My favorite, Track & Field kicks out of the gate on Friday, August 15th, and you can be sure I'll be intently watching all the way until the final AND BEST event of the Olympiad, the Men's Marathon. I'm crossing my fingers for Ryan Hall, but this is a STACKED field, so we'll just have to wait.

My Metskis are doing well, winning convincingly tonight 8-6 behind some long ball action from Dan Murphy, a home grown, Brooklyn Cycloner. Way to go Dan!


DGA said...

Great shot of the "Bird's Nest"!
You forgot to add that if running is dangerous due to assholes who think they are trying for pole position at the Indy500, running in NY makes it doubly dangerous, and not only because of motor vehicles traffic. And if I had a choice between being hit by a bicycle or attacked by a dog, I will take the bike anytime. Bicycles don't bite.

DGA said...

Must be that I am taking an orientation class on senility, because I forgot to comment on your last paragraph...The Mets.
They got their asses kicked today 8-2 by the no-name Marlins. By the way, you should try to find out who is in charge of the music at Shea, 'cause at the bottom of the ninth they started playing "Never on Sunday". I think there is some inflirtation there.