Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Repeat 1,000 Times: "I Must Remember To Read The Fine Print"

Looks like there will be no March of Dimes, Live! with Regis and Kelly High-Heel-A-Thon race tomorrow for Ileana after all. We never received any information from ABC regarding where the starting line of the race was. So, when I checked back on the website, and could not find anything else either, I became even more skeptical. I then found their "rules". Cryptic. Written down in what appeared to be 5 point font size, and buried half-way down, and two pages down on their site, was a clausethat the $15 registration fee, was actually a non-refundable donation, and that only the first 400 women would be accepted. I'm sure that by the time I had applied for her, that they already had their 400. Never once did they mention when they had met their quotas. Taking unsuspecting people's money (for a good cause) but not to allow them to race.

I'm all for the March of Dimes. I think they're a decent organization, but I have a beef with ABC, especially with the Regis and Kelly show. I believe that a lot of people like Ileana, might not have "donated" $15 dollars if they had known that the entry into the race was not assured. They should have alerted everyone on their website the moment that they had reached their "guaranteed" registration quota. Either that, or allow all who registered, the ability to race.

The New York Road Runners Club, for example, hosts dozens of charity races every year. If you pay, you run. If it's a lottery system, and you don't get in, you have the option of getting your money back.

The money wasn't a big deal, it was the expectation. Which now is all shot to hell.

And to think. Ileana trained on the street a few times (although she didn't really train too much). The few times she did run though in high-heeled shoes was in the blazing heat, and in front of everyone in Queens. All for nothing......


DGA said...

Bullshit! You knew all along that the race was already closed and she had no chance of entering. Making her run on the streets with high heels was your way of getting even for the many times she has found you Blackberry either in the refrigerator or inside one of her high heel shoes.

And as far as these charity runs...I have a feeling that no more than 15% of the money raised goes to the charity in question. The day they organize a run to support stem cell research for all those causes count me in. I will run on high heels!

Anonymous said...

FYI, I work for one of the charities, and plenty more than 15%of the money collected goes straight to why it's collected for. More like 75%.