Friday, July 18, 2008

It Won't Be Long Yeah -or- Here Comes The Paul.

Work has been insane. Week 1 of my Smart Coach training is literally out the window. I was supposed to have done a Tempo Run of 4 miles (7, altogether) last night, but between a late night at the office, coupled with an 1 hour conference call at 11pm with Asia, that all but did me in. I would have run this morning, but I had to be at work at 8am, and will need to stay till at least till 10pm for a special project. Ahh, the life of an IT-er. This pushes everything running-related back a day. My tempo run will have to be squeezed in around dinner break, my scheduled 8 mile easy run today will have to be tomorrow morning and my long run of 12 miles on Sunday should hopefully not be sacrificed. Ugh. Oh well. At least my right foot blister is almost gone. Lol.

Now, I don't want to be starting rumors, but if you go to the Montreal Gazette (here -> ) , they are confirming that Paul McCartney will be in Quebec City on Sunday, July 20th to perform for Quebec's 400th anniversary.

Gee. How far is Quebec City from Shea Stadium? Only 500 miles. 1 hour by private jet.

I was one of the first people to get tickets to see Billy Joel on Wednesday. I patiently waited by the computer to get, what was at the time, the ONLY and LAST concert at SHEA STADIUM. I did this with the hopes of seeing Billy Joel, of course. Do I really care if Paul McCartney shows up at tonight's ugly and unwanted stepchild of a last show?


I've only been listening to the Beatles since I was in the attic of my Queens Village home listening to "I Want To Hold Your Hand" on my rocking horse. I was 3 years old. So why, in this God-loving, decent and fair planet, should I be irked by the fact that Paul McCartney WILL be coming to Shea Stadium to play and sing with Billy Joel tonight, on a show that was not even supposed to have existed? I should be somewhat happy that my buddy Scott will go and enjoy himself, but... add sulfuric acid to my already potential gaping wound, is the fact that I just EX-WIFE will be at the show tonight with her husband. Who else would like to join the cavalcade? Please! Leave me your comments!

I would have gone tonight if it wasn't for the fact that I have to be at work tonight. "IT'S BEEN A HARD DAYS NIGHT, AND I'VE BEEN WORKING LIKE A DOG". Never before have those words spoken such a true chord, right? And yet, while I do feel like i've been working "EIGHT DAYS A WEEK", such is the price of freedom I guess. I do love my job, and trust me, it is far better to be working in today's world to to be unemployed.

But back to my whiny bitching.

Folks going tonight will get a piece of HISTORY. And all I got to show for it is JOHN MAYER.

Disgruntled, Discombobulated, and Disappointed.

PS. Of course, I will look a like a horse's ass, should Paul not appear tonight, now that I've puked it all out here for all of us to see.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, Paul MacCartney will NOT be there tonight. I guarantee it.

Marci said...

Rats. I am going to Quebec at the end of August for the marathon. Celine (yuck) is there but not Paul!

Alex Gonzalez said...

Your right, anonymous. Paul MacCartney will not be there. However....Paul McCartney WILL BE THERE, AND WAS THERE. Along with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and Roger Daltrey of The Who.
Remind me not to accept any horse

Alex Gonzalez said...

Don't feel bad Marci, Paul is in his 60's after all. And if that's sour grapes, then fill my plate up with it, and give me some chesse, crackers and wine to go with it.