Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hitchin' A Run

After icing my leg for hours last night, and this morning, I ran a lot longer than I thought I could, and successfully completed my second long run of the week.

It started out with a longer-than-expected conference call to Germany this morning. I was all suited up and ready to go, but did not hit the streets until around 7:15 in the morning. I ran up to the Queens Center Mall, and returned, heading straight for the starting line. I already knew it would be impossible to meet the group on time, but figured I would run into someone along the course. And I did.

I met up with Scott on Forest Park Drive not far from Metropolitan Avenue. I turned around and ran with him back to the finish, and took a short break. Met Lori, Barbara, Tom & Tom there too. When Scott left, so did I. First I did 4 laps around Victory Track and then headed back into the park. Somewhere near the Pine Tree area of the Park, I had the pleasant surprise of meeting up with Andy, Carol and Bonnie. So, like I did with Scott, I hitched a run with them and actually ran back into the park. Bonnie mentioned that she was going to continue on the Forest Park run south of Woodhaven, so naturally, I tagged along too. She mentioned to me about swimming as a way to help my calf muscle because of the coolness of the water, the natural stretching, and zero impact. I've been meaning to go to the gym and swim anyway. Hopefully, I listen this time and actually do it.

All told, I did 14.59 miles today. That's a nice long run on such a swampy day. Most importantly, I did it at a nice easy pace for most of the way. Right now my leg is actually feeling okay but I plan to ice it as soon as I'm finished here.

Below is a route of my psychosis. Lol.

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