Friday, May 23, 2008

This is a blog about nothing.

Lots of things juggling around today. Packed up this morning for the big trip tomorrow. Took Ily to Astoria for a routine checkup. Have a few projects at work that need some updating. Afternoon connection for the VH concert tonight still up in the air. Even here. What's the next blog going to be about? Is it time for a Road Across America segment? Reflections? A pre-race report? The mind's carousel is spinning right now. Where it stops is anyone's guess.

One thing for sure. The weather for racetime is so far shaping out to be enormous. 52 degrees, sunny and no wind.

Perhaps this blog will be about the inner ramblings. After all, isn't that what blogs are about?

Willie Randolph - Nice guy. But should not be the manager.
Mets - Aloof. They need a swift kick in the pants. Bring back Bobby V.
Carmen - It was nice seeing her again, hope we get an opportunity to visit her up at her cafe soon.
Jim (Carmen's boyfriend) - He is a real nice guy. And a talented artist.
Dad - He must be getting nervous. His art exhibit's about to begin next week. All the best for him
Juan Carlos - I heard an african song the other day on the 'Ethnic' channel off of Napster. They yelled out BUMBA. I immediately thought of him.
Gasoline Prices - They should raise the cost of fuel to $100 per gallon. Perhaps then, a complete anarchic revolution will take place. Where are the protestors from the 60's these days? We are all weak like sheep. $4.25 a gallon for the cheap stuff? WE NEED TO SPEAK UP ABOUT THIS NONSENSE!
Ottawa - I'm fucking stoked!
Forest Park Road Runners - They used some of my photos on their website. This is very cool.
Their website, by the way, is . Check out the main page, and the Race and Race photos section. The gallery has all my pictures too. Very cool.

Oh... there is a review I would like to share.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

This movie is only OK. The action scenes were good. And yes, I know he did them himself. Okay that's impressive actually. Shi LeBouf looks just like my brother in law, Kerry. (and since I look just like Mark Ruffalo, then I think they need to do a movie about us, right?).

There were a few unbelievable scenes. That are, just that. Unbelievable. As in, it is not humanly possible to be able to survive from some of the things that happen in the movie.

There was not enough emotion. The story was not that moving. I loved the set decoration, and Karen Allen looks good after all these years.

Final Review is 5 out of 10 Gonzos.

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