Thursday, May 29, 2008

800+ miles this year and going strong....

Ran 3 miles already. Was going to go to Long Beach tonight and run on the boardwalk for 4 miles or perhaps more, but traffic on the Northern State was lousy. My muscles have still not completely recovered, but today's initial workout at the gym was 10 times better than yesterday's on the track. I also did some ab work, and been lifting a little too.

I missed the Long Beach Memorial 10 mile run this weekend, but I really did not miss much at all. Ottawa was a huge 'upgrade', and I will definitely be doing it again next year.

The San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon is this Sunday. Gary T. from Thunder Bay, Canada told me it's a great race. Perhaps next year. Gary is with Team Diabetes of Canada. They run for a great cause, and I may be looking to see if the New York Road Runner's Club has any interest to host a similar race here in the Big Apple.

Running Thoughts:
Run the first hald of your marathon as a 'pacer'. Ignore the people
around you who dash away; keep your head as they lose theirs. Run
like a scientist, with coolness, wisdom, and restraint.
-Joe Henderson, Run Farther, Run Faster

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